Open Thread, Saturday 5 July 2014


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48 Responses to Open Thread, Saturday 5 July 2014

  1. barnslayer says:

    Coming in on a wing and a prayer

  2. Knight4GFC says:

    I’ll leave you with a debate nugget: Over 55,000,000 babies have been murdered since Roe vs. Wade in 1973. Ask your opponents if they would be support life if it meant 55,000,000 additional taxpayers.

  3. Knight4GFC says:

    Sometimes I wonder. If F&F happened, it’s possible.

    IT’S THE PLAN: Like The IRS, NSA, Benghazi, and ISIS, the Border Crisis Was Orchestrated

  4. Knight4GFC says:

    Border Agent Defies Gag Order to Accuse Obama of ‘Aiding & Abetting’ Illegal Alien Smuggling

  5. Harvey says:

    There was a second amendment rights group in the Westcliffe, CO parade:

    The anti-gun guy in the video calls them “thugs.” My first reaction was, they don’t look like thugs. If they are “thugs” because they have guns, is Mr. Poisson a pirate because he has an eye patch?

    What “ist” is appropriate for judging people simply based on what they own? Are anti-marksmen people marksist?

    • Knight4GFC says:

      “Marksist?” Haha! That’s a good one.

    • I think it’s a matter of “bigotry,” plain and simple. Lefties got their start in the 60s criticizing bigots who judged hippies or ethnic groups by their appearance, because they didn’t (couldn’t, really) know what was in their hearts. They had a point. Sometimes it was a slim point because often it was really behavior being judged, as well as appearance, but they still had a point.

      But leftists have shown themselves to be the biggest bigots around. Bar NONE. They judge constantly on appearance alone, and often on totally noble behavior, like the marchers in Westcliffe. Moreover, they habitually misjudge what’s in people’s hearts and minds. But now, I think it’s on purpose.

  6. Knight4GFC says:

    This is great! 😀

    “Released on the Fourth of July using George Orwell’s all-time great dystopian novel, “1984,” as a theme, Proe makes the comparison to what America is becoming under Barack Obama’s rule, and the mainstream media is assisting in the country’s destruction…”

    EXCLUSIVE: ORWELL’S OBAMA: First-Ever 3D Political Video Details Obama’s Tyranny in Amazing Graphics!

  7. Knight4GFC says:

    While its corporate motto is “Don’t be evil,” its critics might say “Don’t be Google.” And this is especially true now that Google is saying “Don’t buy guns.”

    The search giant has announced that, starting in September, it will ban advertising of firearms, ammunition, and gun paraphernalia. As Google Support writes on its “Dangerous Products or Services” page, “Our policy: We want to help keep people safe both online and offline, so we don’t allow the promotion of some products or services that cause damage, harm, or injury.”

    Read more here: Google’s War on Guns

    • HicksterA says:

      Sir, I think it their war includes intrusion upon people’s privacy, and yet they profit dearly from it.
      Google is far from being a search engine alone. Though, you are likely aware of that already. Anyhoo, this lady has some info on gaggle…. eeeerrr

      • Knight4GFC says:

        To tell you the truth, I use gaggle a lot. I am not a whole lot computer savvy but I get around. I’d love to be able to do what I normally do (without a hassle) online but yet be protected from this crud.

        • HicksterA says:

          LOL. 🙂 Yeah, well, I know very little about all these modern contraptions. Still on the learning curve.
          Ya. Online hassle-free would be the best!

  8. Knight4GFC says:

    “This is why the average person doesn’t take the art world seriously. Stuffed shark corpses, crucifixes dipped in urine, shot-up school buses: these things are not art. They’re not even particularly interesting non-art. And the fact that they’re treated seriously by the doyens of the art world inspires not deep contemplation by the masses but mockery and laughter. The response is justified—and it’s killing the world of fine art.”

    Modern ‘Art’: Even More Terrible than Ever

  9. Knight4GFC says:

    “This achievement should not be taken for granted. Today, the armed forces grapple with a trillion dollars of defense cuts that are impairing readiness. And today is an appropriate time to reflect on the costs of unpreparedness: It was on this day in 1950 that American forces suffered the first of a series of tragic and embarrassing defeats in Korea. The hollow force that broke on contact in Korea resulted from President Truman’s consent to an exhausted nation’s demands for a peace dividend after World War II…”

    The Lesson of Task Force Smith
    History: When America draws down its defenses, threats multiply

  10. Knight4GFC says:

    The Gators get mail from time to time too! Their cousins in Florida send them goods every now and then.

    Video of Birmingham postal worker throwing packages into a ravine leads to resignation

  11. Knight4GFC says:

    “So far, Obama has flooded the southwest US with illegals that have been flooding the border, spreading their diseases. Planned future dumping grounds from these illegals also include other leftist states like Washington, New York, Michigan and Maryland. Beside Murrieta, Georgia, Chicago and Virginia have already rejected Obama’s plans to dump illegals there…”

    Map of where Obama regime has placed illegals

  12. Knight4GFC says:

    I suggest that we post any inspiring and motivating music or videos as much as possible. Perhaps we could set up a “corner” in this room for such.

  13. Knight4GFC says:

    Watch in HD! Cool views.

    • barnslayer says:

      GOD does very nice work!

    • HicksterA says:

      Snifty-nifty. 🙂 Ok, this will sound proggish, but how come wind power can’t somehow be harnessed reasonably from those things flying through space? Couldn’t it work?

      • I don’t think there is any wind in space. I don’t believe there is any real resistance either. But that should be answered by Grunt. 🙂

        • HicksterA says:


          • Hick, GFC is right that there is no actual wind in space like we feel it here in the atmosphere. And no resistance at all, except for the pull of gravity and a tiny air drag if you’re low enough. But there is something called “solar wind” that could be harnessed. It’s more of a flow of particles away from the sun that can “push” things. They’ve talked about using solar sails to generate some thrust, but I’m not sure how well it could be used for power. But it’s something to think about, for sure.

            • HicksterA says:

              Ok. Actually, the idea with those satellites floating around out in space came from my Ma. A few days ago, for whatever reasons, she asked if that would work. I told her that I sure had no idea whatsoever, but that maybe I could ask somebody. Viola! The opportunity presents!
              Solar sails. Ok. Never heard of them. Thanks for explaining.

            • Knight4GFC says:

              I’ve heard of the possibility of propelling an object with something like solar sails except the solar sails would not be harnessing the particles from the sun but rather that from laser. Is this true?

              • Or from microwave beams transmitted from Earth. Yes, lasers or RF radiation beams could be used to reflect off mirrors or other devices to provide “free” thrust. I think they’ve demonstrated powerful levitation devices where they can hit an object with enough energy to keep it aloft near the ground, but I’m not too knowledgeable about those.

  14. Obama Circumvents Congress (surprise) on Native Hawaiian Measures and Faces Stiff Backlash.

  15. Range Time Today.
    Me and Son #2 hit a new range today. The Centennial Shooting Range in the SE Denver Metro area. I really LIKE this place. If you look close in this video, you see a big bronze plaque next to the front door that says “In God We Trust.” It’s the most patriotic, pro-2nd-Amendment, all-American place I’ve ever been in. Great atmosphere. Lots of young people and families. Plus, the technology is amazing. I’ve never been in such a modern indoor shooting facility. The air-moving design was so good that with everyone firing, you never smelled the cordite. How they get away with so few rules is beyond me. There were guys there practicing holster draws, but it was definitely well supervised. I’m sure once the city gets a clue about how awesome this place is, they’ll shut it down quick.

    • barnslayer says:

      Beautiful place! The closest outdoor ranges on Long Island is at least an hour away and look more like a shanty town or empty construction site. The closer ones are pistol or soft point rifle ammo only. Which guns did you shoot?

      • Well, shantytowns make good urban shooting practice venues, right? And sometimes they’ll pay you to shoot the rats. I keed! 😉

        Your closer pistol ranges are probably better than this one. I was just impressed because I’m used to worse.

        We shot nothing but 9mm S&W model 59. Blew through a few hundred rounds and got some good practice. I bet my kid he couldn’t get 4/14 on target at 50 feet when every one was a quick draw, and I won a 1000 Chilean Peso note. I’m not sure what he was doing with that in his wallet. It’s a little less than $2 American, so maybe I can buy 3 5.56mm bullets with that.

        • barnslayer says:

          Sounds like you had a good time!
          The pistol range we used to go to was in the basement of a local gun shop. It could fit 4 shooters and you had to go downrange to place the targets. The ventilation system was a 12″ square trap door in the ceiling leading to a bathroom vent fan. Instructions were to keep the door closed as much as possible so the noise wouldn’t travel outside as much. When it got too smokey we’d run the fan for a few minutes. The other range is nice but run by the county. Overly strict and often too crowded with law enforcement groups taking up much of the range. Like trying to go bowling on league night.

          If you’re allowed to buy ammo online check out SG Ammo and Lucky Gunner.

  16. Hey Team! I don’t usually do this, but want to shamelessly ask you guys to go over to iOTW and vote for me on something, if you’re willing. Last night, I made a title suggestion on a very nice photoshop graphic that Big Fur Hat composed based on Washington Crossing the Delaware. Right now, the two frontrunners are:

    Norman Einstein: “The Halfrican Queen.” 83 thumbs-up
    GruntOfMonteCristo: “The Lie-tanic.” 79 thumbs-up

    I think Norm’s is better, but why not make it close and minimize the humiliation, right? Please consider voting for me. I will bribe you gladly in the alcohol of your choice. 😀

  17. HicksterA says:

    That is scenery ! The cabin, etc.

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