Open Thread, Thursday 17 July 2014



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40 Responses to Open Thread, Thursday 17 July 2014

  1. I just happened to notice that today is the 2 year anniversary of this news release:

    July 17, 2012

    • Funny to see Hawaii considered an immigration concern just 2 years ago. Didn’t know then we’d be swamped on the southern border with Pakistanis dropping Urdu-to-English dictionaries in the bushes.


        I think Sheriff Arpaio’s main point was that prior to this investigation, he had never considered Hawaii to be a “border state”, but when this investigation brought to light the fact that people who were not born in Hawaii could obtain a Hawaiian birth certificate, he realized that this could pose a huge national security concern… that non-citizens could not only enter the country but also obtain documentation that makes them appear to be citizens…

  2. barnslayer says:

    News blurb from CBS Sports………Galapagos Olympics gets higher viewership than World Cup soccer. Other nations scramble to assemble teams for next year’s event.

  3. Pistol Pete says:

    Detroit Police Chief: Armed Citizens Making Detroit Criminals Think Twice
    With robberies in Detroit down 37 percent compared to figures from this same time last year, Detroit Police Chief James Craig says the increasing number of armed citizens is making criminals think twice before attacking.
    so why do they insist on voting for the same democrats who want total gun control for law-abiding citizens?

  4. texan59 says:

    If that go-kart was a little too speedy, maybe this would be more like it. 😉

    • barnslayer says:

      I prefer driving over horse droppings… not plowing through it. You’d probably get some air time going over roadkill.

      • And with that front wheel in your face, you’d get pretty intimate with that roadkill. You’ll be breathing in that dead skunk for a while.

        And I was gonna use that as an excuse to post Loudon Wainwright, III’s Dead Skunk song, but the videos all show actual roadkill, close up, so I’ll show this parody video done by Zophiel’s little sister (not really) called “TARDIS in the Middle of the Road.”

        Because when you’re driving your Big Wheel down the road, you still have to look for TARDISes dropping out of the sky. Time travel is a problem everywhere. 😉

    • That is pretty cool, Tex. Big boys always need better toys! Make the little kids jealous for once.

  5. Weird Al does the tinfoil thing. Wait for it!

  6. Australia Repeals Carbon Tax!! It CAN be done! Laws don’t have to be forever. Hat tip: Left Coast Dan at iOTW.

    • zmalfoy says:

      Who the crap did Malasia Airlines piss off?

    • Knight4GFC says:

      “But retired Army Lt. Col Ralph Peters, also a Fox News contributor, said it is unlikely the Russian military would have put missile batteries capable of knocking a plane out of the sky at such an altitude in the hands of rebels.

      “It wasn’t the separatists, although Russia will try to blame them, or blame the Ukrainians,” Peters said. “The Russians have not given the separatists complex, high-altitude air-defense systems. If this airliner was flying at 34,000 feet or any altitude close to that, it was shot down by Russian military air-defense systems perched on the Ukrainian border.”

      Peters said the Russian military has been shooting down Ukrainian military aircraft in recent weeks, and most likely mistook the airliner for a Ukrainian military aircraft…”

      Malaysia Airlines passenger jet shot down over Ukraine, 295 dead

  7. Dear RNC:

    Stolen from Diogenes.

  8. SHTF Yet? Getting close.
    Scan down to “Is it time yet.”

  9. What A Hoot says:


    Looks like all the centers are being placed along highway routes, mostly interstate looks like. “Children” age 14-17, male. Positioning near all arteries of travel; always thought USA to large of landmass but these guys are sinisterly brilliant masterminds at strategic warfare, from mind control to optics to framing country’s identity to complete take over that will make the slaughter of WWII look like child’s play.

    For instance, the ones in Michigan are placed at the three main arteries people in Detroit Metro, Grand Rapids Metro and Lansing Metro would use to escape North to their properties they own for just this reason. Would block them from getting to State Land to camp out, The North has always been Lower Michigan’s safety net. Could now be blocked.

    • What A Hoot says:

      I remember the flight for safety during the riots back in the 60’s. Just a little girl. The highways were bumper to bumper. We lived in Detroit, on the edge, and watched from the treetops the flames miles off and could see the traffic jams on the roads. No cell phones then. People would drop their number off at payphone and volunteer callers would dial the number to report relative ok at such-and-such point/place and time. Not sure why we stayed in city as we had places to go, both up North and West. Look where they are placed in Chicago and Wisconsin?

  10. texan59 says:

    I like this judge’s thinking. Although I think he went way too lenient on Bronco Bama’s son.

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