Open Thread, Friday 18 July 2014



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66 Responses to Open Thread, Friday 18 July 2014

    • barnslayer says:

      Love the strategy… planning for failure. That’s why we elected them!

    • Good article. Interesting about including the Canadians. In addition to wanting to buy from them, I think they’re being included because they’ve actually been doing their jobs over the last few decades and have plenty of energy. Maybe they want to ask them for their secrets for not screwing up.

      • barnslayer says:

        We (and the gov’t) already know how to not screw up. The problem is the gov’t wants us to fail and will do everything they can to make us fail as well. Drill offshore, frack, nukes and pipelines. We could be energy independent freeing us from international snares and allow industry (and employment) to boom. This is exactly what oblamer and the muzzie/commie alliance want to avoid. It’s easier to make a population subservient with failing economy.

  1. Knight4GFC says:

    Hmmm… a material that would render a person practically invisible at night. IDK if that’s a good idea.

    British nanotech company creates world’s darkest material

  2. Knight4GFC says:

    Just because I can… so I will. In defiance of PC, warm-fuzzy-feelings-all-over, Googley Inc. I post:

    “Saint” Mandela? Not So Fast!

  3. Lithium batteries a thing of the past?
    Not even close. Lithium batteries are the best there is. There’s not even any technology on the horizon to replace them. This is a wishful thinking article.

  4. Knight4GFC says:

    Any thoughts on Shoebat’s stance on this whole debacle?

    Conservative Group with access to Benghazi Committee Suppressing Truths

    • HicksterA says:

      Difficult to say. One thing is apparent; it’s not likely any time soon, or ever that ordinary people will be finding out the facts on the matter. They’ll have it glossed over several layers to the point it can’t be uncovered.

  5. Knight4GFC says:

    “The situation for Christians in Iraq is dire and has become a prelude to what happened in Nazi Germany and today who in the West is talking about the marking of Christian homes in Iraq? No one.
    The photos below are of Christian homes in the Arab district of Mosul Iraq that belongs to the Assyrian Christian community. The Islamic Caliphate placed boards on every Christian home with specific markings to identify Christians for the coming holocaust.”

    The Marking of Christians For Persecution Has Begun and is a Prelude to the Coming Antichrist

  6. Knight4GFC says:

    When America Fell Apart: Why the Summer of 2014 Portends a Season of Infamy

    • HicksterA says:

      “A long way to go until Fall”. Will America be able to be the legends of the fall? It’s terrible to be in such a disposition of negativity. It’s going to be left up to each individual to do their best to wade out the troubles ahead. Some how, some way.

  7. Knight4GFC says:

    The situation at America’s southern border is a “manufactured crisis,” one perpetuated—if not started—by the Obama administration. After all, the administration put out an ad in January 2014 asking for contractors to handle an influx of 65,000 children. “The surge to 60,000 or so children seen this year was said to catch many off guard, especially since just 6,500 children entered the U.S. as early as 2011,” reported Pete Kasperowicz for The Blaze. “But [Republican Representative Jeff] Sessions [R-AL] said the advertisement showed that the administration knew the surge would happen.” And in reality, the 60,000 children represent only about 20 percent of the total illegal immigrants who have come into this country since April.

  8. Knight4GFC says:

    ^ Captain America. 😀

  9. HicksterA says:

    Superdog thinks America needs a good washing. Yep.

    • HicksterA says:

      Interesting. BTW: Whatever happened about that HR 2847, or something like that, that ushered the end of the USD as we now have known it? Was all that a hoax, or what?

      • Not sure. Do you have a link? I can’t remember that one.

        • HicksterA says:

          I think that’s a bit about it……

          • Thanks for the link! I saw one of those ads a month ago, I think, and I tried to listen to the whole thing, but it was in such a slow-paced, infomercial style that I got fed up and stopped listening. They’re trying to sell something, and you have to listen to the whole pitch to find out what it is or what the danger is. I still don’t know. Let me know if you find out! It’s probably got something to do with future restrictions on cash accounts or something.

            • HicksterA says:

              Hahahaha. Yeah, same here. Couldn’t listen to the whole thing. Yes, selling something is the idea & that makes the whole issue of it suspect. I mean, if they were simply telling what the law HR #$%^ is in ordinary speak , that would be different. However, the fact it’s all about trying to sell the listener something is what puts me off about it completely. Therefore, I still have no clue what’s for sure up with it & no one else that I’ve asked has any further clarity on it.
              Guess time will tell.

  10. Knight4GFC says:

    “Two pastors have come forward and blown the whistle on a nationwide attempt by FEMA to train up religious leaders as secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to “obey the government” in event of martial law, natural disasters, or a flu pandemic.

    FEMA warned the pastors that citizens would stand up for their second amendment rights and to be prepared for rebuttal. In return they were promised to be of the first vaccinated in event of an outbreak and were given assurances that they would be covered by full compensation in the event of problems…”

    Read more here – Fema Trains Pastors to Prep for Martial Law: Confiscation and Forced Relocations Reportedly on the Horizon

    • zmalfoy says:

      One the one hand, I’m glad she finally figured this sh*t out.

      On the other . . .she couldn’t have figured it out, like, 6.5 years ago, when it actually would have meant something?

    • barnslayer says:

      And… Saiga products in general. As well as russian made ammo.
      I believe the situation forbids American businesses from doing business with these companies.
      Existing stock is still legal but expect price hikes as supplies drop.

  11. Knight4GFC says:

    “Students of history will recall that it was not until the sinking of the Lusitania on May 7, 1915, that killed nearly 1200 people that the tide of public opinion turned in America. Until then, the American people had no desire to enter the war. With that single incident, where the Lusitania was traveling though an area known for its danger from German U-Boats, and traveling against many warnings, that public sentiment was manipulated. The sinking of the Lusitania turned public opinion in the U.S., and many other countries against Germany. It resulted in the U.S. entering World War I. That single incident became an iconic symbol in military recruiting campaigns of why the war was being fought.

    While the leaders and pundits point the fingers of blame to who shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, wouldn’t it be pertinent to question why this particular flight was flying over a designated war zone contrary to standard operational procedures? This flight was in the same area as other military transport planes that were shot down in the days and weeks before. Like the Lusitania, however, warnings were apparently discarded… or perhaps the risk downplayed. Many will dismiss this claim out of hand, asserting that the flight was traveling at too high an altitude and too fast to be victimized by the wrath of regional conflict. Perhaps those making such assertions should make their case to the families of the victims rather than on the media talk shows.”

    Read more here – We must consider the downing of Flight 17 as part of the larger “panorama of peril” and not fall into the trap set before us
    Flight 17 & the Panorama of Peril

  12. Knight4GFC says:

    An entity unto itself, UN investigations never seem to come up with the facts and truth

    Hiding Hamas’ Weapons at the UN

  13. Knight4GFC says:

    Former FBI informant in the Weather Underground, Larry Grathwohl, is one of the stars of Joel Gilbert’s new film, “There’s No Place Like Utopia,” which is premiering in Denver on Friday and then goes nationwide.

    Friday, July 18, also happens to be “Blog About Larry Day,” to remember his service to the nation and his untimely death last year. His friend Tina Trent says, “we are asking that bloggers, radio folks, podcasters, and others in the media use July 18th to tell the truth about violent leftist radicals like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and their ilk.” She adds, “Their war against America began with bombs, but it continues today in our institutions of higher education, the media, and the government.”

    Grathwohl was a veteran of the Vietnam War, fighting the communists in Southeast Asia, before infiltrating their ranks and fighting them on the streets of America.

    Gilbert says, “Larry Grathwhol was a hero of mine because he was on the front lines protecting America from the Marxist terrorist movement that wanted to destroy America.”

    Read more here – Joel Gilber’s New Film: There’s No Place Like Utopia
    New Film Exposes and Mocks “Progressives”

  14. Knight4GFC says:

    Detroit Police Chief says private gun ownership is lowering crime rates.

  15. texan59 says:

    I had heard about German spies in WWII. Didn’t know this was why. 😯

  16. Knight4GFC says:

    They took down the Cross on top of the Syriac Orthodox Cathedral in Mosul. There is unconfirmed reports that ISIS completely burned down the seat of the Syrian Catholic Archeparchy of Mosul.

    “Since 2003, when Saddam Hussein was ousted, Mosul’s Christians, one of the oldest communities of its kind in the world, had seen their numbers dwindle from over 30,000 to just a few thousand, but once ISIS swept into the city in early June, there were reports that the remaining Christians had fled.

    Friar Gabriel Tooma at the Chaldean Church of the Virgin Mary of the Harvest, part of a seventh-century monastery overlooking Al Qosh, Iraq. Credit Associated Press

    Interviews on Friday with Christian elders and leaders suggest that in fact many had hung on, hoping for an accommodation, a way to continue the quiet practice of their faith in the city that had been their home for more than 1,700 years. Chaldeans, Assyrians and other sects, including Mandeans, whose Christianity is close to that of the Gnostics, could still be found in Iraq, and many made their home on the plains of Nineveh in the north of the country, an area mentioned in the Bible’s Book of Genesis.

    Friday’s edict, however, was probably the real end. While a few scattered souls may find a way to stay in secret, the community will be gone.

    A YouTube video shows ISIS taking sledgehammers to the tomb of Jonah, something that was also confirmed by Mr. Hikmat. The militants also removed the cross from St. Ephrem’s Cathedral, the seat of the Syriac Orthodox archdiocese in Mosul, and put up the black ISIS flag in its place. They also destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary, according to Ghazwan Ilyas, the head of the Chaldean Culture Society in Mosul, who spoke by telephone on Thursday from Mosul but seemed to have left on Friday.

    “They did not destroy the churches, but they killed us when they removed the cross, this is death for us,” he said.

    Christians are among several minorities who are being systematically expelled or killed by ISIS, according to a United Nations report on civilian casualties in Iraq released on Friday…”

    Read more here –
    ISIS Forces Last Iraqi Christians to Flee Mosul

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