The administrators of this blog have graciously granted me posting priveledges.I will do my best to maintain the high standards that have been set by others,while adding my own style of humor and sarcasm.I have just under 900 posts @ PN and I still haven’t been audited or been paid a visit by some Obama goons.Guess I’ll have to try harder.


it is said that the most dangerous place in the world is between a mother and her babies.I can’t argue that.Still,molesting a young boy with a really,really bad-tempered father is not such a good idea either.
To badly misquote Clint from Grand Torino:’have you ever come across somebody that you really shouldn’t have messed with?

Police: Dad sees son being molested, beats up suspect


I bet thats gonna leave a mark!

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7 Responses to MY FIRST POST!

  1. i’m not sure I wouldn’t have killed him, and I don’t have a temper…..until tempted.

  2. Good post! But on the subject of getting between a mother and her babies, did you see this??? Guess which party had 100% of their U.S. Senators vote ‘yea’ on a bill promoting late term abortions? You guessed it. Is there anybody out there brave enough to give these politicians a beating in the voting booth??

  3. Welcome Pistol Pete!

  4. Knight4GFC says:

    Maize Hirono. Not surprising. She is a uultra-prog-lib monster. Brian Schatz on the other hand, is a little surprising being that he is a program as well.

    • At least he had the guts to not show. Might have saved his soul.

      • Knight4GFC says:

        As a whole, the local people here would vote down late term. A majority are actually against abortion itself. Just like we voted down same sex unions and the inclusion of same sex unions as “marriage.” But yet, they crammed it down our throats. As for Schatz, he is “lukewarm,” spineless, and just making sure he retains his office. He is worse in that sense than Hirono, who made a stand.

  5. What A Hoot says:

    Hi ya, Pete!

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