Open Thread, Saturday 19 July 2014

True for him, maybe.  Graphic by the Earl of Taint.  Explosions and fireballs outside White House windows may be slightly exaggerated, but not for long.  “True” rating on the “Tranquility” statement courtesy of (Not really.  At least, not yet.)

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34 Responses to Open Thread, Saturday 19 July 2014

  1. Pistol Pete says:

    I recall a line from somewhere that said:’he who the Gods would destroy they first make mad.(sic)
    some have referred to him as Nero,fiddling while the country burned.I would liken him to a different Roman Emperor.Penthouse Magazine produced a simply awful movie many years ago called;’Caligula.’The catch phrase was:what would you do if you had absolute power of life and death over the entire world?’
    He may not have that kind of power but he has enough to ignore everything that isn’t fun for him.

  2. Pistol Pete says:

    Amid Multiple Crises, Obama to Spend Weekend at Camp David
    Jets being blown out of the sky?
    Swarms of illegals pouring over the border?
    Israel launching an offensive into Gaza?
    At least he took a rare weekend away from golfing.

  3. Knight4GFC says:

    MH17 Crash: Full Transcript Of Alleged Phone Intercepts Between Russian Intelligence Officers [VIDEO]

  4. CNN article on ISIS killing 270 Syrians, especially Christians. Note the sidebar, though. Their focus seems endlessly on how many “kids” the Israelis have killed accidentally during their assaults on Hamas. If there’s collateral damage anywhere, CNN will find it. Gee, where was CNN when people were howling about Barack’s civilian casualty count for his drone strikes, hmmmm? There were a lot of them, and he may have personally directed all those strikes.

  5. Pistol Pete says:

    Compare and contrast the difference in leadership between mH17 being shot down under the Clown Prince’s watch and how Ronaldus Magnus handled the Russians shooting KAL 007 out of the sky.One is a coreless poser,the other was a man of Faith,resolve and honor.

  6. Why are children getting killed in Gaza? Because they are continually used as shields around rocket targets and then as photo ops by barbarians.

  7. I suppose the Obamas will have to bunk with illegals in Martha’s Vineyard next month. Hat tip: iOTW.

  8. What A Hoot says:

    Saw some pictures Glenn Beck took at his little handout party to the foreign invaders….They served them in a banquet room with tablecloths! Now, I don’t know if that was Beck’s doing or the ‘processors’ but, really? Cloth tablecloths?

  9. Knight4GFC says:

    WOW… This is where things stand in this country.

    Florida jury awards $23 billion to widow of longtime smoker

  10. Knight4GFC says:

    ‘The Voice’ contestant sings from Ashdod bomb shelter

    American singer Sara Merson covers Matisyahu song in pro-Israel video aimed at countering misinformation

    Read more: ‘The Voice’ contestant sings from Ashdod bomb shelter | The Times of Israel
    Follow us: @timesofisrael on Twitter | timesofisrael on Facebook

  11. Knight4GFC says:

    “Muslims in Mosul, Iraq, burned and destroyed a 1800 year old Catholic church.

    Informed sources said that the organization of the so-called Islamic State in Mosul, “Daash” had completely burned down the Syriac Catholic Diocese in Mosul, the sources said that the organization has burned the archdiocese, which lies in the area of the field and was burnt down with the full contents of its holdings…”

    Read more here –
    Muslims Attack 1800 Year Old Christian Church, And Completely Burn It Down And Destroy It

  12. Knight4GFC says:

    My God… the atrocities committed by these God-forsaken, soul-less, beings… evil abounds in this world. And Christians are falling under the heavy hand of persecution. This hand is reaching even into our borders. It will get worse… the likes the Christian world has never seen before. It already has begun.

    Christians, who still speak the language of Our Lord, that have survived past persecutions through 1700+ years have now been laid waste. Christianity in Mosul is gone… I suggest you don’t watch the videos that Shoebat posts of the aftermath of the persecution of not just Christians, but anyone that is an “infidel.” Reading is enough for me.

  13. Knight4GFC says:

    ‘NOBODY ON BOARD WOULD’VE KNOWN WHAT HAPPENED’: Expert Describes Effect of Missile On MH17

  14. Knight4GFC says:

    Real brilliant.

    China Deploys Spy Ship Off The Coast Of Hawaii

    Read more:

  15. Knight4GFC says:

    While there are those who will give way out of fear, weakness or a desire to conform to the world, there are many others who will not. Christians must peacefully come together, lock arms and redouble our resistance to evil.

    Even when that evil is adorned with the presidential seal and signature.


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