Open Thread, Tuesday 29 July 2014


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26 Responses to Open Thread, Tuesday 29 July 2014

  1. texan59 says:

    Happy 100th birthday professor. πŸ™‚

  2. Pistol Pete says:

    Lionya Shilovsky performs ‘Orpheus of the Underworld’ with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra
    He’s three years old.
    You gotta see this

  3. Pistol Pete says:

    Illegal immigrants protest outside White House, with little fear of repercussions
    The agency prioritizes deportation for felons, repeat offenders, gang members and others with a serious criminal record. But the agency largely gives a pass to other undocumented residents.

    This is why illegal immigrant activists can protest outside the White House without worrying too much about ICE.
    They know they have absolutely nothing to fear from this administration.They’re now demanding to be part of any amnesty discussion.

    White House Boycott Picket Line – Obama, no more meetings about us without us

  4. texan59 says:

    The Ventura verdict is in. I’m callin’ bullsh*t. Only thing I can figure out is there is some insurance to cover this. πŸ‘Ώ

  5. Pistol Pete says:

    Hillary shocks CNN: Says George W. Bush made her proud to be an American, takes a swipe at Obama
    Whether you agree or disagree with a lot of what else he did – and I disagree with a lot of it – I am proud to be an American when I go to Sub-Saharan Africa and people say, β€˜I want to thank President Bush and the United States for helping us fight HIV/AIDS.’”

    Cankles getting as far away from Obama as possible.So unfortunate so many millions are willing to swallow this dishwater.

    She sure sang a different tune a few years ago,didn’t she?

  6. Adrienne and Barnhardt cite a good piece by Julie McLeod in the CFP about commie infiltration among the Catholic bishops in the U.S. It’s true enough, and it’s a tragedy that some of them, along with faith leaders of some other denominations, are helping Obama with his shenanigans. Worth a read.

    • zmalfoy says:

      And then the Bishops wonder why no one listens to them anymore–because they sold out their moral authority for swag political parties and being feted by academia. . .

      This is why people have to be able to question and challenge the teachings of those in positions of authority, whether we like the questions or not. A thing that is True will always be True, and can stand up to any challenge. But the stifling of challenge creates the perfect environment for such shenanigans, and too many faithful Catholics were so busy being “obedient” that the bishops have been getting away with this stuff for decades.

      This is part of why I have problems with the way people often tout “obediance” as a virtue. It is a virtue, when one is being guided by a proper shepherd. However, too often, “obedience” is used either as a weapon against the questioning, or as an excuse for the intellectually/ spiritually lazy. This is why I have “trust issues” where “authorities” are concerned, and probably one of the primary reasons I would have made a crap nun.

      • Yeah, and one of the biggest problems is that it’s considered “more wrong” to shoot a bishop than a politician. Granted, shooting a politician is considered just above shooting a weasel and just below shooting a badger on the moral scale, but you get the idea. Some of ’em just might need the attitude adjustment.

  7. texan59 says:

    I highly recommend you not try this after a few brewski’s. 😯

  8. zmalfoy says:

    I know we like to give the Jesuits some crap, sometimes, but they ain’t all so bad (says the girl who went to Loyola New Orleans):

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