Dear NAGR Supporter,

NAGR is giving away 4 guns to 4 winners during the month of July!

This month we are giving away a Savage 338 Lapua package [valued at $3,000], a Colt 6920 AR-15 [valued at $1,200], a Weatherby 300 mag hunting rifle [valued $1,400], and a 1776 Flintlock long rifle [valued at $900]!
But you cannot win unless you sign up below.

All entries must be submitted by Thursday, July 31st, 2014.

Durbin touts Chicago’s new gun crime intelligence center
“You can’t fight a war without intelligence, to know where the weapons are, where the shooters are and to stop it before it happens,” Durbin said Friday at the Center’s downtown offices.

Dear Senator Dickhead:try the Englewood neighborhood on the southwest side.or any subsidized housing project.


I’ll see your two barrels and raise you seven.

Politicking off impeachment chatter
Something very strange is happening on Capitol Hill. Democrats can’t talk enough about impeaching a president of their own party. And Republicans keep saying that there isn’t a chance they’ll give it a try.

The tactic has brought big dollars into Democrats’ coffers, and it has kept Republican aides and lawmakers busy as they keep swatting down the idea whenever it sprouts up.

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7 Responses to PETE’S GUN PAGE

  1. Pistol Pete says:

    AP analysis: Expanded state gun background checks based on flawed estimate
    DENVER — In an analysis of data compiled by the state, The Associated Press found the projected impact of a 1-year-old state law that expanded background check requirements on gun sales in the state was overstated in a budget report
    The background check requirement was based on information from the Colorado Legislative Council, which predicted 420,000 new reviews in the first two years of the law, and $3 million was budgeted to handle the checks.

    But the AP’s analysis shows the Colorado Bureau of Investigation have performed only about 13,600 reviews that would be considered a result of the new law — only 6.5 percent of the estimated total in the first year.
    Don’t ask where the rest of the money went….they spent it.

  2. Man, Pete, I can’t believe DIck Durbin is really that clueless. I thought Senator Feinstein was stupid, but this is might register an 11 on the DiFi scale. Still fairly low on the Pelosi scale, though. That’s a whole other class of stupid.

  3. barnslayer says:

    A word of caution regarding the NAGR gun giveaway….
    Do a google search of the group plus the word “scam”. It appears NAGR is not what they claim to be. I have nothing against a new group doing what they claim the old guard is not accomplishing…. The TEA Party comes to mind. But read up on the NAGR before giving them anything, including your contact info.

  4. barnslayer says:

    Regarding the photobomb pics…
    This is a Beyonce concert? Why the heck is Malaria oblamer so danged mad? She’s got her mom’s sweet demeanor alright.

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