First off,I’d like to thank Sens. Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz and Rep. Louie Gohmert for standing strong and keeping the conservatives in the House together to fight the conspiracy between Orange Slush and Sen. Smarmy Toad.They killed it last night but the GOP elites are trying to cobble something together this morning because they’re convinced the only way to get the Hispanic vote is to show them we mean them no harm.

funny friday quotes



Para Ordinance .45 Gold Rush
Not to be outdone, Para Ordinance 45 caliber pistol shows its 24k gold slide. A 15k price tag is the only thing separating me from this custom gripped work of art.



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4 Responses to PETE’S GUN PAGE

  1. Pistol Pete says:

    Not a lot of gun news today,so I thought I’d put in some silly stuff
    Vice President Biden loves to skinny dip, says tell-all book
    Secret Service agents dread being assigned to protect the vice president, in part because Biden’s a big fan of skinny dipping, according to a new tell-all book.
    In “The First Family Detail,” author Ronald Kessler quotes unnamed Secret Service agents dishing about the supposedly “hidden lives” of Presidents and the other important people they protect.
    Between Biden’s “lack of consideration as evidenced by” his naked aquatics and his supposedly incessant last-minute schedule changes, “being assigned to his detail is considered the second worst assignment in the Secret Service,” Kessler writes.
    Coming in at No. 1, per Kessler: Protecting Hillary Clinton.
    Saw that one coming,didn’t ya?

  2. Pistol Pete says:

    Security men hired to dress up as monkeys to patrol the streets of New Delhi in desperate bid to scare off macaques which have been stealing from houses
    Imitating the langur monkey in order to scare away their macaque cousins
    The pesky macaques break into houses, steal food and scare residents
    They’ve even learned to shriek like them and leap out from behind trees
    And, according to New Delhi Municipal Council, it seems to have worked

    You really have to see the picture of the guy made up as a monkey at link

  3. Pistol Pete says:

    Grandma, 68, Sentenced To Jail For Public Sex At Her Florida Retirement Community
    According to a police report, Klemm and David Bobilya, 49, were having sex “on the stage” in the middle of a village square. Responding to a 911 call about “two people having sexual intercourse in public,” cops found Klemm and Bobilya, who both appeared intoxicated, inside a gazebo around 10:30 PM.
    Klemm lives at The Villages with her husband Frank, to whom she has been married for 50 years. The couple has four children and 14 grandchildren
    Maybe her husband ran out of Viagra and she needed a boyfriend.

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