At some point, you’ve played enough golf

King Putt has an unusual notion of what is meant by not resting.


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6 Responses to At some point, you’ve played enough golf

  1. Well, if we could only get Mooch to stop pretending to work at her ‘job’ and take more vacations, we’d be more broke, but at least we’d be more free.

    Stolen from Angel at the Lonely Libertarian.

  2. Pistol Pete says:

    Things that used to be a normal part of everyday living have become unlawful or considered punishable behavior,like using your thumb and forefinger as a pretend gun or kids running a lemonade stand for charity or volunteers at a church feeding the hungry or raising a flag outside your own home,so many examples. It just breaks my heart what we have allowed the country to become.

  3. I’m putting this here because I suspect Bob has something to do with it.
    Cat cafes take over the world.

    • Wish I could take credit for it, because it’s obviously a great idea. If I were the ambitious and energetic type, I might be tempted to start one!

      • It IS a great idea. But there’s just one thing I don’t get. How do people read newspapers or tablets or books while they’re drinking coffee? When we’re at the table trying to read, the cat always lays down right on top of your current paragraph, or bats it with her tail or otherwise makes it impossible to read anything. And it wouldn’t even help to bring a friend as a “cat distractor” because the cafe would be FULL of cats, and they could tag-team you.

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