Open Thread, Friday 8 August 2014

Hurricane Iselle and Julio slamming Big Island.



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27 Responses to Open Thread, Friday 8 August 2014

  1. Man, I hit the road for a long business trip, and the whole world falls apart. I got to see Barack on an airport bar TV last night (which is appropriate, since he makes us drink) acting like he was the first one to notice anything wrong in Iraq. Good thing he took immediate action before anybody got hurt. πŸ™„ He’s like this woman:

    And then Hawaii is getting blasted with a one-two punch with 2 hurricanes! We continue to pray that GFC and Knight’s houses didn’t get damaged too much by the wind and downed trees and power lines.

    • Pistol Pete says:

      First,prayers up for GFC and Knight.Trust that God will hold them in His mighty hand.
      Second,am I the only one who chafes when the Coward-In-Chief goes before the cameras and tries to act like he’s totally in control?He uses phrases like:’i ordered’ and ‘acting upon my orders’ when he’s actually (it seems) totally ambivalent to the horrors being perpetrated by the ISIS savages.I recall when he announced ‘on my orders a SEAL strike team got Bin Laden.'(sic).The truth later came out the famous picture of the war room had his image photoshopped in because at the time he was playing spades with Reggie Love upstairs and ValJar was the one who gave the “go” order after being requested three times.Maybe I;m being petty but it is just sickening when a craven coward comes out from under the bed and plays the role of big shot.

      • You ain’t the only one, Pete. When I was watching that blowhard give his speech last night, I had to hold my tongue and remember I was in a bar in a blue state, but there were some choice expletives I wanted to spout. The man’s (sic) a narcissistic menace. And this time, his bluster was all the more unstomachable because he’d caused it in the first place by: A. Pulling troops out with poor timing to score cheap political points, B. Transmitting his moves in such a way to encourage the IS, and C. Ignoring the genocide happening on his watch until it got so bad the optics got overwhelming.

        • texan59 says:

          Prayers out for all those out in Hi-wi-ya. I’ve been through enough of them to know that even the “little ones” can scare the bejeebers out’a ya. Can’t speak for out west, but they always hit landfall out here in the middle of the night.

  2. This chart pretty much sums up my engineering knowledge. I think this was the chart the aircraft maintenance guys used on the plane that got me into Denver at 3am this morning.

  3. Kenny from the Knuckledragger blog posted this good piece by on a much debated shooting subject.

  4. Pistol Pete says:

    A good friend of mine works in the Montana Secretary of States office.She told me yesterday about Walsh dropping out of the senate race and the dems would have to find a replacement.She said former governor Brian Schweitzer said he was not interested in running.The Hill is warning Montana dems not to take no for an answer since he’s the only one who might beat Daines and keep the seat Baucus gave up when he was bribed with an ambassadorship to China to vacate.
    Draft Schweitzer for Montana Senate seat
    My advice to grassroots Montana Democrats: Do not accept the Schweitzer decision, and begin a major movement to draft him to run. My advice to Montana Democrats who will formally meet to choose a candidate: Call on Schweitzer to run, and offer him the nomination.

    The blunt fact is that if Schweitzer does not run, the Democrats will lose this seat. Period. End of discussion. On the other hand, if Schweitzer does run, he will have a good chance of winning and could save control of the United States Senate for the Democrats.

  5. Pistol Pete says:

    Black Republican Crashes Dick Durbin Presser – Blares Rap Music, Heckles Him on Amnesty – UPDATE: MEDIA BLACKOUT
    Democrat Senator Dick Durbin was heckled during a recent press conference on Chicago’s South side.

    The heckler was none other than former Republican candidate for Congress, Paul Mckinley.

    There were five news crews there and not one reported this.Such is the power of our illustrious senior senator and purebred dirtbag.

  6. Pistol Pete says:

    Obama to raise cash on Martha’s Vineyard
    It’s what he does

  7. Firewall stolen from Adrienne.

  8. Pistol Pete says:

    La Raza Praises 11 House Republicans Who ‘Stood with DREAMers’
    I have never been shy in my disgust over the sham Illinois democrats pulled when they gerrymandered two republican districts,the 17th and 18th into ne to assure getting rid of one republican representative in 2010.It pitted Adam Kinzinger from the 17th with Don Manzullo,who represented our 16th district for 20 years.I knew Mr. Manzullo.He was a rock-ribbed conservative.
    This new kid is an iraq vet but foursquare for amnesty,or as he calls it,’immigration reform.’
    I even got a robocall from him.I wish I could get his ear for two minutes.Northwest Illinois may not be overrun with uninvited “guests” yet,but this would be the end of the party.

    La Raza asked its members to thank these House Republicans: Reps. Mark Amodei (R-NV); Mike Coffman (R-CO); Jeff Denham (R-CA); Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL); Cory Gardner (R-CO); Joe Heck (R-NY); Adam Kinzinger (R-IL); Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA); Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL); Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI); and Rep. David Valadao (R-CA).

    Trying to appease these people will win you nothing.

  9. Blue Ridge Tunnels in a Triumph. Stolen from Sondrakistan.

  10. Hawaii update:
    We just finished an 9 hour 9 man tour of duty for clearing the trees down on powelines, cleared oue 3/4 mile road and many neighbors driveways and houses as well. We are still without power and will continue to be for days I believe. We are actually getting ready for the next storm julio on it’s way here! We are all safe for now and have escaped any major losses or damages. A few fence repairs and major clean up but not one broken window! A Big Thank you for all the prayers. Next!!1

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