Open Thread, Sunday 10 August 2014



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  1. barnslayer says:

    Dating explained… with a graph

    • We engineering dudes usually micro analyze stuff like this and choke the fun out of it, but this guy knows how to do a good presentation without PowerPoint! Could have used some visuals, but pretty dang good, as is. Love the last chart.

    • zmalfoy says:

      This is so true, and a wonderful explanation of why I could never go lesbian. See at that area called “Crazy?”

      • There’s plenty of crazy to go around. That’s for sure. But one problem I have with this guy’s “crazy evaluation” is that the whole chart seems to be based on the assumption that all women are politically liberal. If you redraw the chart for conservative women, lots of things would be different. For one thing, the Crazy scale would only go from zero to 5, because all conservative women are pretty rational, by definition. Also by definition, all conservative women are basically pretty hot, and hence, dateable.

  2. Zoph, this one’s for you!
    News crew gets robbed in NW DC while reporting on an app that identifies sketchy neighborhoods.

  3. What to do when TSA agents steal your legally checked firearm. From The Patriot Nurse.

  4. “It goes with the beard.”

  5. We were arguing last night about why Matt Yglesias, from, is dumb as a sack of peanut butter, and for once, I didn’t cause any controversy.

  6. barnslayer says:

    I’d like to bring this one to the skeet range

  7. Obama says we conservatives are “a disease.” It’s our fault he’s such a failure. Huh. I thought it was because he’s a Muslo-Communist Retard who never shows up for work.

  8. Hawaii is made up of a group of islands. The major island being Oahu where the city of Honolulu and the famous Waikiki Beach is. the outer islands depend on O’ahu for many of it’s cares and needs. O’ahu is where you go for medical treatment of anything serious (like a root canal) and just about all cargo comes in throgh O’ahu before being shipped to the outter islands. O’ahu also carries about 80% of the population. when you want to listen to the news channels they all come from O’ahu. The major newspaper “Hawaii Advertiser” likewise is on O’ahu.
    As most of you know here for the last couple of days we, on the Big Island (Hawai’i) have been groveling out of Hurricane Iselle which slammed into us the other day. it just so happen that it was also a voting day so when Sunday came arounf it was time for the State to get some news on the families and friends located on the big island and what the damage report is. So when I picked up our only major newspaper in the state, and looked through it I becamed mentally disturbed (another word for angry…sorry liberals you can’t have my guns) and burned the paper! There was not one article, not one, about the 9,000 plus families that have no power and no running water! There was not one typeset of the families that lost their homes along the coastlines. there was not one picture of the hundreds and hundreds of tranmission poles obliterated by Hurricane Iselle. There was not any recognition of the needs of those families that were without a roof over their head. Nothing, nada, ZERO!
    So I sent this into the the news channels!

    I want to bring up some real “HISTORIC” news and how the Hawaii Advertiser completely dissed the Big Island and it’s people for the sake of their political propaganda! While there was not a single article showing the devastation caused by Hurrican Iselle there was planty of political propaganda. While the Big Island’s community suffered huge losses to homes and businesses the jounalist talk about political defeats more importantly! While there continues to be an estimated 9,000 homes without electicity and running water the Advertiser thinks it’s more historical to talk about what really matters to the political machines of Hanabusa and Shatz! Isn’t It ironic that the very same district that may determine the winner was completely dissed from the Sunday Advertiser who we thought were suppose to bring us the news!? This is a complete disregard for Hawaii and the personal tragedies for so many of my fellow Hawaii neighbors! What the heck happen here? Are you really that blind or is this another political opportunity by total disregard of your Hawaii Ohana and Aina! I am more than angry at the lack of care and lack of professionalism by the Advertiser!

    While the above will never be recognized by the likberal likes of Abercrombie, Hanabusa, Shatz and the rest of the Democratic regime it is stated for the record by me nontheless. I am not surprised by Abercrombie, the one who dissed the Hawaii People and signed into law Gay Marraige after the people voted it down twice. It was Abercrombie’s first bill into office that he signed! (Tch tch tch he’s gone now).
    What does anger me is the shame you liberals bring to my HOME!

  9. Knight4GFC says:

    Wow… prayers for these unfortunate people!

    “The Coast Guard is currently coordinating the rescue of a 42-foot sailboat caught in Hurricane Julio 414 miles northeast of Oahu.

    The sailing vessel Walkabout is disabled and taking on water with three people aboard. On-scene conditions are reported as 92 to 115 mph winds with 30-foot seas.

    One of the hatches has blown away and onboard bilge pumps are unable to keep up with the flooding. The vessel’s life raft has also been blown overboard.

    At 7:15 a.m. Sunday, watchstanders at the Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Honolulu received notification from the International Emergency Response Coordination Center in Texas that an alert message was received from Walkabout requesting Coast Guard assistance.

    The Honolulu center diverted an airplane from the National Hurricane Center, Teal 76, from inside Hurricane Julio to locate the vessel and establish VHF radio communications.

    At 10:49 a.m., Teal 76 reported Mayday calls being broadcast from Walkabout.

    An HC-130 Hercules airplane crew launched from Air Station Barbers Point at 11:10 a.m. to deliver a life raft and relieve Teal 76.

    The 661-foot container ship Manukai diverted and is enroute to the location of the sailboat.” – Rescue underway for sailboat caught in Hurricane Julio

  10. Knight4GFC says:

    Video of some of the aftermath of Hurricane Iselle in Hawaii.

    B-roll of the damage done on the Big Island after Hurricane Iselle. Hawaii guardsmen help the recovery effort by assessing the damage and reporting to civil authorities, and by clearing the roadways for trapped locals. Includes sound bites from Sgt. 1st Class Ryan Taniguchi, Operations NCO, Bravo Company, 227th Brigade Engineer Battalion

  11. texan59 says:

    Uh-oh, whitey wins a reverse-reverse-discriminations suit. Or something like that. 😯

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