Open Thread, Monday 11 August 2014



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35 Responses to Open Thread, Monday 11 August 2014

  1. texan59 says:

    A shoutout to the birthday boy. Hope you have a great day Pete. Enjoy some cake from Mrs. T. 🙂

    • Pistol Pete says:

      Thanks,Texan!I just finished a diatribe at PN about being a year away from Medicare and all the things I’m old enough to remember.(I’m pretty old,so its a short list.)one of them is the quantity of friends you have doesn’t matter….the quality does.Take a look if you have time.

      My beloved childbride(who’s actually older than I am) loved the cake picture.Chocolate is one of her weaknesses.

  2. Happy birthday, Pete!!! Here’s some more chocolate fer your missus!

  3. Pistol Pete says:

    At the risk of sounding morbid:
    from IOTW


    I like that Americans can joke about even the most serious of subjects. We’re not stupid, we understand the dangers of jihad and what is at stake. Humor can be a glue that unites us. INSULTS FOR SOLIDARITY!

    This is a hashtag on Twitter right now. #JihadiJokes

    Here are some of my favs –

    What do you call a jihadi with a roll of toilet paper? Baffled.

    Why did the jihadist cross the road? To blow up the other side.

    ‏What do you call a drunk Muslim? Mohammered

    No you idiot, “I’d walk a mile for a Camel” is a cigarette ad, not a romantic gesture.

    How do jihadis practice safe sex?~~ Avoid the goats that bite.

    What do you call a muslim with his hand up a camel’s ass? ~~ A mechanic.

    Why are camels called Ships of the Desert? Because they contain Arab semen.

    In America we have the rust belt, the sun belt, the Bible belt, and thanks to the left’s push for multi-culturalism we’ll have the suicide belt.

    How do you stop a jihadi from biting his nails?
    Make him wear shoes.

    Why are jihadis eyes red after sex?

    Some goats carry pepper spray.

  4. texan59 says:

    This is rich. Bless his heart.

  5. Pistol Pete says:

    War on golf: Obama is escorted by SWAT team and two snipers as he enjoys second day on the course as conflict rages in Iraq
    President Obama was escorted to the Farm Neck Golf Club, in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, Sunday by a huge motorcade, which included a SWAT team and two snipers
    Sporting a United States Secret Service baseball cap, Obama seemed reasonably relaxed despite the hefty protection
    Moments before he flew to Martha’s Vineyard Saturday, he held a press conference during which he refused to put forward a timetable for a resolution to the fighting in Iraq
    Obama said that rebuilding Iraq is going to be a ‘long-term project’

    The Clown Prince golfed Satyrday and Sunday and was reportedly body surfing today

  6. Pistol Pete says:

    He doesn’t even pretend to care

  7. Pistol Pete says:

    Readin’, Writin’ and Social Justice Agitatin’
    In Massachusetts, the John J. Duggan Middle School will open on August 25 with a new name and mission. It is now a “social justice magnet school.” As a hiring advertisement for teachers explained earlier this year, the emphasis will be on “helping students develop the necessary skills to analyze and synthesize information and to generate empathy by looking at multiple sides of important issues facing the world, be that hunger, water quality, racial barriers, child labor or imbalance of power.”

    I so still worry about my grandkids.The PC garbage they’re being force-fed these days is criminal.

  8. Does this make any sense to you? New study claims to identify most corrupt states based on the number of public officials convicted.
    Excuse me, but I think lots of convictions is a good thing. It’s when they DON’T get convicted that it’s really corrupt. I know for a fact that the politicians in my county are exceedingly corrupt, but I’m not aware of a single one brought to justice because they are so good at it, and no one’s going after them. This study blows.

  9. Pistol Pete says:

    Its chilling to think that our state has any competition in the corruption department.Here in Illinois,our governors make our license plates.Sadly,I concur with you that corruption is rampant.It seems thats why a lot of people get into politics…for the graft and kickbacks.

  10. Pistol Pete says:

    Dick Durbin’s Thug Tactics Vs. Law-Abiding Walgreen
    Well, the thugs and bullies in the White House and on Capitol Hill have scored another victory — if you can call it that — over a major American company.

    After a month of assaults and threats from the D.C. political class, venerable drug retailer Walgreen Co. announced it will remain headquartered in Illinois for the time being instead of entering a tax-inversion merger with Europe’s Alliance Boots that would move it abroad to lower its tax bill.
    This stinking pile of rotted crow carrion is running for reelection this year against Jim Oberweis ,a perennial candidate for both senator and governor.He’s a good man,but in this state you can win every county except Cook and still have the election stolen away.Our current governor,Pat Quinn and a number of others have done it.its just accepted.

  11. tessa50 says:

    Happy Birthday Pete!

  12. zmalfoy says:

    1) Happy Birthday Pete! May there be much chocolate and ammo this night!

    2) This has been brought to my attention twice today, and looks like it might be good. Not only does it start my current Hollywood-Crush, Jim Caviziel, but it’s about football:
    AND! It looks like it has some good resources for Dads and sportsmen and women. . .^_^

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