Sarah Pulls a Tina Fey on Sen. Warren’s Eleven Commandments

On her TV channel, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin recently responded, item-by-item, to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) “Eleven Commandments for Progressives.” Not only did Palin provide a well-reasoned response to Warren’s speech, but she poked fun at the senator by dressing similarly, wearing her hair short with blonde highlights and mimicking Warren’s awkward, random hand gestures.
If you’ve never seen Warren deliver her original “11 Commandments” speech, I encourage you to watch Sarah’s video linked at Sarah’s responses are wonderful, but just seeing Warren’s stilted delivery of her ludicrously infantile manifesto is enough to drive any thinking Democrat over the edge and abandon the party. Or should be. Warren’s much-mocked list is something that might have been written by a misguided middle school student, but it provides a beautiful opportunity for Palin to articulate the common sense truths that America has always depended upon and cannot thrive without. Read more at Hat tip: Chrissythehyphenated at PoliNation.


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One Response to Sarah Pulls a Tina Fey on Sen. Warren’s Eleven Commandments

  1. Uh oh. Elizabeth Warren proven a fraud but Boston Globe while trying to protect her. Hat tip: iOTW.

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