The Left’s Deadly Version of PMS

The following are excerpts from Gavin McInnes’ essay entitled “A Deadly Strain of PMS” published at Taki’s Magazine. Bowdlerized for our audience.

Gavin2The liberal left has PMS. They don’t mean what they say and they’re just yelling for yelling’s sake. We now realize this because every time we solve one of their crises they pshaw the solution and continue the attack from another angle. Their crusade isn’t about getting to the truth. It’s about winning. The whole thing is just sports to them. We are the Yankees fans, they are the Mets fans, and it doesn’t matter which team plays a better game.

Once you realize the left is bluffing, they become a great source for comedy. There are so many fake Salon Twitter accounts, it’s gotten hard to tell which one is real. They recently said Guardians of the Galaxy “fails women” and I couldn’t tell if it was a joke or not. Feminism is over, P.C. is dead, and racism is a myth. Arguing with today’s liberals makes you feel like a cat toying with a mouse before he eats it. Unfortunately, these useful idiots are still ruining lives. Their hysteria still gets people fired and their programs still crush the people they’re trying to help. It’s hard to laugh when you see the havoc they wreak.

They also shy away from giving numbers on education. “How much do we spend per student?” I ask them. They have no clue and will often say, “Whatever it is, it’s not enough.” Again, when you tell them it’s around $11k, they say it should be more. I once saw John Stossel get an administrator up to $50k without admitting that’s too much. How about a million dollars? That’s how much the president offered everyone in America in the movie Idiocracy.

This isn’t about reporting or solving problems or even knowing what the truth is. The modern left is virtually indistinguishable from a Socialist propaganda machine. They invent problems so they can rail against the rich white males and when rich white males solve them, they become apoplectic. The problem with this kind of behavior is it ends up hurting everyone, no matter where they are on the political spectrum.

Deep down, liberals know they are full of sh*t. They believe pretending to believe all this crap is a means to an end and we’ll all be better off when they run our lives. They’ll lament it on their deathbeds but there won’t be anyone there because they never had kids. History will forget these fools and I don’t give a sh*t about them. I’m inspired by the people who plow through this garbage and call a spade a spade no matter what the consequences.

Read the entire article at Taki’s Magazine.


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