We Are Truly in the, Umm, Best of Hands

Anita_Decker_Breckenridge_with_Obama_t750x550According to Ed Lasky’s recent piece in American Thinker, while President Obama vacations on Martha’s Vineyard, his most senior advisor is Anita Decker Breckenridge, pictured above viewing humorous YouTube videos with the President in the White House. Her main qualification is that she, apparently, was an Illinois political operative and Obama’s campaign van driver before he moved into the White House.

The Associated Press story about Mrs. Breckenridge, linked by Lasky but which is apparently no longer available on the AP website, describes her responsibilities as follows:

She decides when to interrupt his leisure with updates on emerging problems, such as the progress of airstrikes in Iraq and the racially charged unrest in Missouri. When Hillary Clinton wanted to smooth over critical comments she had made about Obama’s foreign policy, the former secretary of state emailed Breckenridge to set up a call. Back in Washington, the 36-year-old is responsible for presidential staff and political appointments, Obama’s schedule, the advance work of setting up any of his movements and the general nuts and bolts of how Obama’s White House functions.

As surprising as one might find this situation as the world “blows up,” to use SecDef Hagel’s words, Anita Breckenridge is considerably more qualified than some others in this administration, like young Tommy Vietor, who “went from driver/flunky to a top post at the National Security Council,” as Lasky notes.


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3 Responses to We Are Truly in the, Umm, Best of Hands

  1. Pistol Pete says:

    Has anybody ever seen a photo of jugears that wasn’t staged?He’s just such a phony.

  2. Czar of Defenestration says:

    Isn’t it WONDERFUL how a patient, caring WHITE WOMAN can help explain computers to a BLACK BOY who has probably never seen one?!? Better keep an eye on him in the future, though.

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