Jim Goad: We’re On the Brink of an Ideological Dark Age

The following are excerpts from yesterday’s TakiMag article entitled “How to Deal With the Brainwashed,” by Jim Goad. Rarely does one find a trove of such quotable brilliance all on a single page.

funny-hipster-protester-homelessI awoke this morning to the creaking sound of the Western mind closing shut. I felt it squeezing in on me like a car crusher. Public discourse is more controlled and political dissent more squashed than at any point in memory. Try as I may, all the evidence suggests we are on the brink of an ideological Dark Age the likes of which America has never seen. It seems we’re only inches away from living in a world where stating the obvious will be criminalized.

Online, the chief enablers of this situation are the smirking young progtards, who are unwilling to even touch any viewpoint that hasn’t been spoon-fed to them in school or beamed into their eyeballs via TV. Their brains have never hatched a single original idea in their lives. They are mere hollow carriers of infectious ideas, not so much Trojan horses as little pink Trojan ponies.

It took decades for me to realize I was dealing with fundamentally dishonest people. I naively thought I could politely discuss ideas with people for whom “reason” is a dirty word. But you can’t debate the brainwashed. Their cognitive dissonance is too powerful. The truth doesn’t matter to them at all. This is why, in nearly all cases, they will flee from the gentlest offer of an earnest discussion. There is to be no debate. There is a reason they won’t engage, and it is not because they are certain they are correct. Censors are motivated by insecurity in their own beliefs, but they are not remotely honest enough to admit it.

Their holy cause is all that matters to them, and they feel they’ve already established—or, rather, declared—that the cause is unassailable. And anyone who challenges the cause must be vilified. So they don’t ever engage in debate, only vilification.

To be a modern leftist is to embrace a constellation of lies. They eat lies as if they were corn flakes. Leftism is based on a false premise, and all political systems whose roots are planted in quicksand will inevitably sink into totalitarianism. They start with one flawed premise—equality, which is a laughably obvious lie—and embrace it as an untouchable truth. And they will tell a billion other lies to protect that main lie. Read the rest at Taki’s Magazine.

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8 Responses to Jim Goad: We’re On the Brink of an Ideological Dark Age

  1. Adrienne says:

    As always, I like reading comments as much as articles. The comments are quite good over there.

    A few points: First I was surprised at how many of the commenters were estranged from family due to so many of the aforementioned family being liberal.

    Second, living in North Idaho gives me very few chances to practice my “comebacks” to liberals. There just aren’t too many libtards around here.

    Thirdly, I know that most of the young people I work with are cultural liberals. I don’t bother with most of them because I highly doubt they haul their lazy asses to the voting booth. I drop a few little bombs here and there, but generally just roll my eyes (in private) because they epitomize the failure of our educational system.

    I think I’ve mentioned that after 63 years of abuse from my crazy commie brother, I finally woke up. We haven’t communicated in almost 5 years. He proceeded to destroy any relationship I had with his children and other family members. When my recently deceased aunt by marriage visited here several years ago, she confirmed the smear campaign waged against me.

    Now he has resorted to leaving vile troll type comments on my blog (hence the comment moderation.) When I told a customer/friend about the comments he said something that made me stop and think. He said, “Your brother knows the truth and that is why he’s so angry.”

    I think many of the libtards out there are like that. They know the truth, so they must lash out in anger.

    • I think you’re absolutely right. And, I’m very sorry about the bad blood between you and your brother, but it’s a very familiar tale. It seems to be how they roll. People (libs) used to ask me why I could stand to hang out with conservatives. I’d usually say it was because, in my experience, they don’t hate everybody. They actually respect people enough to give them the right to their own opinion. Not like you guys. You have to track down and harass anyone who dares disagree with you. (speaking to the libs)

  2. barnslayer says:

    The whole equality concept though championed by the left isn’t even a concept they embrace. How else could they rationalize the opulent lifestyle of their darlings in Hollywood, in the recording industry or even in the White House? But when they go on the “unfairness” warpath it’s always aimed at banks, corporations, and Wall St. Never are the Kennedys, oblamers, clintons or Oprah mentioned.

    • Exactly. It’s like they know that absolute equality is a myth – an impossible goal. They’re absolutely cool with their own elites being unequal. But they use it as a club to beat their enemies with. They’re bastards like that.

  3. zmalfoy says:

    Just this weekend I finished a wonderful book (recc’d to me by one of you geniuses) called Those Terrible Middle Ages!;Debunking the Myths by Regine Pernoud. There is, at the end of the chapter on the Inquisition, the following passage:

    “What period better than ours can understand the medieval Inquisition, if only we transpose the offensive opinion from the religious domain to the political? It is even very surprising for the historian to this rise of severity pervading all countries toward the offensive political position. All exclusion, all punishment, all slaughter seems justified in our times in order to punish or forestall deviations or errors relating to the political line adopted by the powers that be. And in most cases, it is not enough to banish the one who succumbs to political heresy; it is important to convince. Whence we have the brainwashing and interminable imprisonment that wear down man’s capacity for inner resistance. When one thinks of the appalling total, of the insane expenditure in human lives — worse even than that of the two “world wars” — by which the successive revolutions and the punishment of differences of opinion in our twentieth century have been carried out, one can wonder if in this domain of differing opinions the notion of progress has not been checked. For the historian of the year 3000, where will fanaticism lie? Where, the oppression of man by man? In the thirteenth century or the twentieth?”

    She wrote that in 1977. I find it still pertinent.

  4. texan59 says:

    “to realize I was dealing with fundamentally dishonest people”

    The reason they are dishonest is that they are fundamentally stupid. They do not have one bit of critical thinking ability, which could possibly lead them to a conclusion other than that which they espouse. They can’t help themselves. They are stupid because they have been aggrieved at one time or another through the loss of a job, or a divorce or a myriad of excuses and they had some sap take them by the hand and tell them that the liberal utopia would fix all their ills. It’s like they are brainwashed. If they’re over 45, they’re one of these. If they’re under that, they’ve been taught that the State is their daddy, and they’ve likely had one of those bad experiences.

    I still take time to argue through social media on occasion, but not as much as I used to. Mrs. T says I’m gonna have a stroke. Got into a good one the other day on all this crap in MO. I’m holding my breath waiting for the apologies. 😆

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