This Is Really Where We Are – No Joke

Meanwhile, at the White House, some bimbo says this is not about us, at all. Stolen from Diogenes.

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12 Responses to This Is Really Where We Are – No Joke

  1. Well this sounds familiar. White Hut leaks way too much info about failed mission. I’m surprised State didn’t leak the real names of the special forces personnel involved, including the Blackhawk drivers.

  2. Bernie Sanders having a little trouble with his constituents who only know how to hate Israel. Reeducating liberals is HARD.

  3. Aussie lefty not sure what all the fuss is about. Ellis thinks he’s appearing world-wise. I think he’s an idiot prog with a moral relativism problem. But I repeat myself.

  4. Here’s a sympathetic testimony about Foley which discusses the Daniel Greenfield accusation that Foley was a terrorist sympathizer. From what I’ve read, it’s hard to determine. Who knows what the truth is? He was a brave journalist. Was he an independent one? I don’t know. Hershel’s big argument seems to be that Foley was a good and kind dude and that he doesn’t believe FrontPageMag, as a rule. I’m not sure that pulls any weight. FPM is David Horowitz and Robert Spencer, both of whom I trust. Also, I have an 89 year old great aunt who once studied to be a nun and is nice as hell to me, but I’m not entirely convinced she wouldn’t get into a hair-pulling fight with my mom and end up using a table knife on her. Lots of flawed people seem really nice. That’s the way it is.

    • Aussie says:

      The report I saw indicates that calling Foley a terrorist sympathizer is far-fetched.
      Foley believed in being truthful about a given situation. In other words, if Gadhafi was doing things to his people then Foley did his best to tell the world about what Gadhafi was doing. I mention Gadhafi first because Foley and another female journalist was captured by Gadhafi. I read a good story about how Foley prayed the rosary during that time of capture and he gave a lot of support to his fellow journalist during their imprisonment. His parents were also praying for him, as were the students and staff at Marquette University.

      As it stands I would be seen as a terrorist sympathizer because I supported those who lined up against Gadhafi but that is where there is a “rub” because in that conflict there were other groups of people, one that had never been involved in terrorism who fought against Gadhafi. There were many journalists who considered themselves safer to be among the rebels than to be holed up in a hotel by Gadhafi. They were able to report more of the truth about the atrocities that were committed. Some of the journalists holed up in the hotel in Tripoli managed to report not just what Gadhafi allowed them to report and they did in fact hint about the truth. However, almost all of them were compromised over the fact that they took orders from Gadhafi.

      Foley moved on to Syria for the purpose of reporting the conditions in that country. Since I have not seen his reports I do not know if he actually reported on the atrocities committed by FSA and ISIS or whether he just reported on the Assad atrocities. Both sides have committed atrocities. ISIS is the most evil of any group over there, and they had wanted to ransom Foley but no money was forthcoming. That alone gave them a good reason to execute him.

      I am not so certain that he sympathized with these people, but he would have sympathized with people who were being oppressed by the Assad regime – they are not the same thing because ISIS was a foreign group.

      I have always maintained that the Syrian civil war is just too murky to want to take sides. There is too much that is unknown about the opposition.

  5. Pistol Pete says:

    Obama: Islamic State “Speaks For No Religion”
    Obama excuses and apologizes for Islam every time a jihadist atrocity affects the U.S. in some way. He would do far better to confront the Islamic State’s Islamic justifications for its actions and call on Muslims in the U.S. and elsewhere to teach against these understandings of Islam that they ostensibly reject. But he never does that, and apparently has no interest in doing it.

  6. Pistol Pete says:

    Eric Holder’s Justice Dept. opens ‘criminal investigation’ into ISIS beheading of James Foley
    Let this send a message to terrorists who brutally murder Americans: The U.S. Justice Dept. will find you, fly you back to America, supply you with a taxpayer-funded attorney, and put you on trial in a Manhattan civilian court.
    Caporegime Holder is only serious about presecuting republicans and cops who shoot black thugs in self defense.Lets be serious.

  7. Stolen from Bob. “It his party and he’ll lie if he wants to.”

  8. More creative spoxing.

    And State thinks it’s smarter than Netanyahu on Middle East threats.

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