Open Thread, Monday 25 August 2014 – Broken(comments closed)



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20 Responses to Open Thread, Monday 25 August 2014 – Broken(comments closed)

  1. ZurichMike says:


  2. zmalfoy says:

    Gosh, I remember that! Dude was a total hero!

  3. Pistol Pete says:

    Obama’s Delay Cost James Foley His Life
    This is no surprise to anyone paying attention.
    A new article from the Sunday Times claims President Obama delayed a rescue mission for James Foley and others for 30 days. Obama spent that time “fretting over his image”, playing golf and worrying his administration would be “Carterized” if the mission failed.

    Sunday Times reported

    “Pentagon sources said Foley and the others might well have been rescued but Obama, concerned about the ramifications of US troops being killed or captured in Syria, took too long to authorise the mission.”
    The SEAL team tasked with capturing bin Laden asked three times for the ‘go’ order.Barry was upstairs playing spades with body man Reggie Love.Valerie Jarrett ultimately gave the order.This dullard has absolutely no interest in anything but his selfish hedonistic desires.

  4. zmalfoy says:

    Um. . . to start your week. Very salty language, but funny:

    • Oh that’s really an uplifting soul purifying Monday morning piece to “start” our week off! I wouldn’t recommend it to any GOD Loving FAMILY member in any COUNTRY period! Sorry all thumbs down! IMO

        • Well I guess that makes it okiay to post here then with a warning!:(

          • Well, ok, I guess you can take over most of the posting around here from now on. My boss is leaning on me, and I have to travel again this week and I STILL haven’t been able to go visit Solaratov. He could be dead by now for all I know. I don’t have the time to keep posting, anyway, and frankly, I’m kinda tired of arguing about content around here.

            • I’m not interested in “taking over” anything and I would hope that is not what you meant! I’m sorry about you tough schedule and if you would like some help just ask and I’m sure everyone would help. I am also sorry that you think or feel like you are argueing about content quite a bit. Who are you argueing with? If you are referring to my standards of “content” I won’t apologize for that. I just think it is important to keep our 4GFC clean as possible! In this case the the first apology says it all (to mom). Shall I not care about content? Should anyone here care about content? is this appropriate for anyone’s family? I will leave this up to the person who post it! But I will continue to keep watching the content as much as I can. I just feel obliged to everyone to do so. I must answer to my Maker as well.

              • In real life, I love you like a Brother. You’re a great man. When blogging, all you seem to be able to do is shout. It’s all caps or nothing. It’s discouraging. Well, I’m discouraged, anyway. And if I know Zoph, she’s discouraged, too. She was just trying to add some humor to those who might appreciate. So now, I have other things to do.

              • ZurichMike says:

                I think you need a haircut. Last photo I saw of you — you looked like a damn hippy. Get that razor going on the ole noggin.

              • ZurichMike says:

                see post below

          • ZurichMike says:

            Now you two settle this like professionals or I will become frightfully angry at both of you and probably do something drastic like send you to your rooms to listen 24/7 to Nancy Pelosi’s TV interviews.

    • ZurichMike says:

      I went to college in Boston. Hilarious to hear this accent again — HILARIOUS!

  5. GFC’s comments (below) during our argument have been deleted by him. I’m not deleting mine, even though they make no sense now, because it might further mess up commenting on this thread. WP is funny that way; deleting comments causes the hierarchy to get fouled up. Anyway, I guess we’re both pissed at each other and might not comment much for a while. That’s the way it goes. Everybody else, carry on…

    Never mind. I guess it’s permanently fouled up now. I’ll make another thread and freeze this one.

    • ZurichMike says:

      Oh, for heaven’s sake. I should send both of your to your rooms without supper. Now shake hands and make up or I *will* extend my hand through the ether and slap both of you upside the head.


      ZurichMike “Dad”

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