Open Thread, Tuesday 26 August 2014

They have to use the heavy duty duct tape on the roads up in Napa Valley after that quake.


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15 Responses to Open Thread, Tuesday 26 August 2014

  1. Pistol Pete says:

    How dare Fox News actually broadcast the truth?

  2. Pistol Pete says:

    Soon-to-Be-Released Clinton Records Show Attempts to Shackle Militia
    Files scheduled to be released from Clinton White House records will show his efforts to shackle militias and set up a “strict licensing system” for paramilitary groups, Politico reports.

    In other words, gun control was to be complemented–and in places, supplemented–by people control.

    Don’t think it won’t be high on the agenda once Killary’s coronated.

  3. I think the days bible verse is very appropriate for the day!

  4. A very blessed Birthday to my son. God Bless Him and the mother who bore him!

  5. zmalfoy says:

    I’m working a ton of overtime through October. Gotta hve good tunes to do this without turning into The Hulk. Here’s something nice from Lakme:

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