Being the devotees of all things firearms-related that most of you are,most of this may be old news.Be that as it may,there comes a time in some peoples’ lives when they develop a need to feel relevant,that they can still contribute something useful to the current discourse.If you would kindly humor me,I have a plethora of tidbits today.


Number of Women Using Guns Explodes

(and some media outlets are actually reporting it)

The number of women owning guns and using them on a regular basis has increased dramatically over the last decade, with the number of women who target shoot up 67.4% from 2003 to more than 6 million and those who hunt up 43.5% percent to 3 million.

Chicago robberies drop 20% after concealed carry permits are issued
When’s the last time you heard any good news out of Chicago, at least as it relates to crime figures? Well, prepare yourselves for a change from the status quo. While the murder rate and gang violence are still bad – and frequently in the local news – the robbery rate has gone down recently. And the police think they might know why.
Three guesses:


Black open-carry activists protest police brutality in Dallas
I thought this was a parody at first.Apparently concealed carry is a little awkward when you wear your pants below your hind end.The pistol keeps falling out .


California 10-Day Wait Period For Firearm Overturned

“With this victory, years of SAF and Calguns Foundation litigation are coming to fruition.”
In Jeff Sylverster et al. v. Kamala Harris, the court writes, “It is hereby ordered that the 10-Day waiting periods of California Penal Code section 26815(a) and section 27540(a) violate the Second Amendment as applied to those individuals who successfully pass the standard BFEC/standard background check prior to 10 days and who are in lawful possession of an additional firearm as confirmed by the AFS system

Hip-hop artist Young Jeezy arrested in firearms-related case
Hip-hop artist Young Jeezy has been arrested on suspicion of having an illegal firearm a day after a man was fatally shot at rapper Wiz Khalifa’s concert, police said Monday..

Young Jeezy, whose real name is Jay Jenkins, along with four other men and a woman were taken into custody Sunday at Verizon Amphitheatre in Irvine on firearms-related charges, said Mountain View, Calif., Police Sgt. Saul Jaeger.
What about the tough California gun control laws????Did they all have the proper permits???
The following questions were rhetorical/sarcastic

Welcome To Gunfighter School
can’t C&P any text……**&#&@**! Internet Explorer




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  1. Great piece from the Truth Revolt about the explosion of women carrying guns. I think that’s going to be a big factor if we end up preserving our 2nd A rights. It’s not just a boy’s thing.

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