WWII Veteran Grabs Robber’s Gun, Pulls Own Weapon, Shoots Suspect Six Times
On August 23, an 89-year-old World War II veteran grabbed an armed robber’s gun, then pulled out his own gun and wrestled with the suspect before shooting him six times.
Messing with a veteran is not necessarily a good idea.


11 Year-Old Threatened with Expulsion for Bringing VIRTUAL GUN to VIRTUAL CLASSROOM
An 11 year-old Second Amendment enthusiast is being threatened with expulsion after using a picture of a gun and American flag as his avatar in a virtual classroom in Wisconsin.


Pink Glocks? CA Lawmakers Target Makers of Toy Guns
As California prepares to debate its new $100 billion budget, state lawmakers took the time to sweat the small stuff by targeting toy gun makers.

Virginia Democrat: “Let Us Pray to God that He Infects All Members of NRA With Ebola”
Liberal tolerance…
Virginia Democrat Mike Dickinson was back at it on Monday. The self-proclaimed “left wing liberal” tweeted out his prayer that all members of the NRA be infected with the Ebola virus.

Wonder what its like to be a democrat and be able to slander millions of honest,hard-working Americans and pay no price for it.


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