Open Thread, Monday 15 September 2014

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22 Responses to Open Thread, Monday 15 September 2014

  1. Knight4GFC says:

    And the lava flow keeps coming.

    Morning Lava Flow Update – Monday, Sept. 15

  2. barnslayer says:

    Great photo!
    Knight…. is this volcano causing you any problems?

  3. Now we Americans are going to train the Syrian fighters? How is this going to work? Please explain it to me as I am feeling really stupid about now!

    UN evacuates all troops from Golan as Syria fighting worsens

    Peacekeepers cross into Israel to get away from border-area battles between rebel groups and regime forces in what UN calls ‘deteriorating situation’
    or this?
    Hezbollah vows to destroy Islamic State in Syria

    Official from Shiite group says fighters will remain in war-torn country until jihadists are completely stamped out

    or this?

    Assad atrocities outstrip Islamic State in Syria, UN panel says

    Report says regime must compromise with mainstream opposition to block jihadists who are spreading terror across country

    Are we going to train all of Syria or Hezbollah? Well they want to fight ISIS or ISIL (whatevers) don’t they? So let’s arm them and train them so we Americans can die some more. I don’t get it do you?

    • barnslayer says:

      It’s foolish for us (our government) to believe we can either steer or believe the direction any of these moslem groups will take. Better to understand the common denominator they share and denounce it what it is.

    • Aussie says:

      This decision will lead to a disaster. I cannot understand why the top brass etc. cannot see that ISIS or whoever they are wanting to train is the enemy. It seems to me that they are being wilfully stupid….

      I have given this deep thought and I quite honestly prefer to leave Bashar Assad alone at this point in time. The people united against Assad are the same people butchering people in Iraq.

      • I think you’re right on all counts, Aussie. I wish our willfully stupid State Dept would admit to that.

        • What really makes wonder is what BO is really up to? everything this man has done seems down right bad for this country. It appears that his deliberate intentions are to destroy this country. Kind of like divide and conquer. Even his own party is now divided. And he’s putting weapons into the hands of the enemy? Sounds and looks pretty bad!

          • barnslayer says:

            If you were a moslem who managed to hoodwink his way into the WH, I’m betting you’d say things are looking pretty damned good.

          • Absolutely. Not only is he currently proposing putting arms into the hands of the enemy (al Qaeda / ISIS), but many people are saying openly that he’s directly responsible for making ISIS what they are now by funding them and arming them over the last 4 years. You think 35,000 troops can just appear out of nowhere fully armed and organized? The arms deals in Libya, the Billions to Egypt over the objections of Congress… They’ve been busy.

        • Aussie says:

          wilfully stupid..I like that description.

          • The way I see it is this:
            “Freedom makes man a moral subject. When he acts deliberately, man is, so to speak, the father of his acts.
            Human acts, that is, acts that are freely chosen in consequence of a judgment of conscience, can be morally evaluated.”
            They are either good or evil.
            His acts are evil!

            • The diversity of political regimes is morally acceptable, provided they serve the legitimate good of the communities that adopt them. Regimes whose nature is contrary to the natural law, to the public order, and to the fundamental rights of persons cannot achieve the common good of the nations on which they have been imposed.

              • Agreed. I just wish we knew what to do about it.

              • barnslayer says:

                Even if they did serve the needs of their prospective communities…. The values on which of those needs are based may be reprehensible to us. The moslems are going through some in-fighting (it happens to the best of us). But these guys all read from the same play book. No matter which group comes out on top, no matter what name the go by… They see it as their sworn duty to destroy our way of life. Their regime may indeed suit the needs and desires in their warped way of thinking But they are also hellbent on exporting that way of life by force. The answer…. The only answer is to eliminate that which gives them the reason and ability to wage war. Islamic culture and Arab oil.

          • I stole it from your last comment. I liked it, too!

  4. Sample comments of possible people who have some sense.

    Comment using…
    Brian Buda · Top Commenter · CSU Florence

    If the UN considers Israel such an awful place, why did they order a troop pullback to Israel and not Syria, a country the UN backs with every anti-Israel declaration?
    Reply · · 1 · 54 minutes ago

    Bob Heath · Top Commenter · Welland, Ontario
    Why didn’t they run to Jordan or Saudi Arabia?….Israel should take U.N. forces weapons and send their “observers aka Hamas helpers” back to where ever they came from
    Reply · · 2 · 3 hours ago

    Brad White · Sales & Marketing at The Menorah Group of Companies
    The irony would be amusing if it wasn’t so disgusting! They flee to Israel because it is the ONLY safe place in the Middle East!
    Reply · · 3 · 4 hours ago

    Manuel Rodulfo · Top Commenter
    This IS an outrage, the U.N. has been an anti Israel entity for far too long; the clear and present danger at hand IS, ISIS/L or Al’Whatever IS the terror flavor of the day, to demand removal from the terror list, should have been enough reason to totally destroy their camps. The “Moderate Rebels” have been the outcome of the Arab Spring and the Libyan betrayal; the unwillingness of the international community to respond to the Total Genocide of the “Mohammedan Infidels” is enough evidence to ‘project’ another Yum Kippur War is about to begin; The fall of Syria would be the first step; the Syrians, Kurds and even Hezbollah have taken up arms against the “Moderate Rebels” known as ISIS/L IS or Al’Whatevers for day.
    Reply · · 1 · 4 hours ago

    Michael London · Top Commenter · University of the Witwatewrsrand
    The peace keepers cannot keep the peace?
    Reply · · 1 · 5 hours ago

    Steven Jacoby · Top Commenter · Overbrook High School
    and these are the people Israel should trust their security to, i think the UN and their “peace keeping force” are a joke. i would trust Issis before i trust the UN.
    Reply · · 2 · 5 hours ago

    Lynda Murphy · Top Commenter
    “Indeed, entire FSA brigades armed and trained by Obama and his “allies” have proudly defected to ISIS, taking all of their Western government-provided weaponry with them. Even Islamic State operatives boast of their intimate ties with Obama’s “moderate” rebels in major media outlets. “We are buying weapons from the FSA,” ISIS terrorist Abu Atheer was quoted as saying by Al-Jazeera. “We bought 200 anti-aircraft missiles and Koncourse anti-tank weapons. We have good relations with our brothers in the FSA. For us, the infidels are those who cooperate with the West to fight Islam.”
    Reply · · 1 · 5 hours ago

    Marc Levine · Top Commenter
    Given the hostility of the UN to Israel the Israelis should have suggested that they take refuge in an UNWRA school.
    Reply · · 1 · 5 hours ago

    Nadav Ben Assor · Top Commenter · האוניברסיטה הפתוחה
    really? but israelis are murders and baby killers why are the helping hunderts of un soldiers and saving their life time after time? why aren’t the escaping to asad or to lebanon army..hummm that is weerd
    Reply · · 2 · 8 hours ago

    Lynda Murphy · Top Commenter
    The UN soldiers are relocating to the israeli occupied side of the Golan heights leaving a Nepalese contingent in ‘the area of separation’ negotiated in the ceasefire between Israel and Syria in 1974. It is this area in the Golan heights that they are supposed to observe. They are still in Syria. If hostile incursions by rebels occur into the separation area, the UN troops will be an independant observer to support Israel’s assertion to that fact. While FSA ( supported with weapons and cash by the US and israel) may be falsely claimed to be a de facto Syrian incursion, any incursion by Al Nusra or IS cannot be called a breaking of the ceasefire as these are not Syrians. ( The largest contingent of IS fighters are Saudi) . Israel has a right to defend itself against foreign incursions into Israel, but that does not include the buffer zone that it has created for itself in the Syrian Golan heights. Without peacekeepers aka observers it is Israel’s word for it, and nobody wants that.
    Reply · · 6 hours ago

    Braggz Dohanes
    that simply shows that they are safer in israel …. so i think it’s high time for the UN to understand what Israel is doing in the midst of the hostile environment. Common stop condemning Israel!

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