Open Thread, Tuesday 14 October 2014

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  1. Verse of the day
    Romans 12:2
    โ€œAnd do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.โ€

    Hmmmm. Now I wonder what that means?

  2. When you have no foundation left, I wonder what you can stand for?
    When you have your personal foundation firmly rooted, how can you not come out standing even when the storm hits close to home!
    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said to them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

  3. tessa50 says:

    I came here quite a while back based on a comment that Aussie had made on another site. I liked what I saw and grew to respect all here. I just can’t tell you in words how sad I am that the group, I guess, has gone their separate ways. I don’t comment much but had read daily. Here are some questions I was never quite sure was ok to ask as I was not really part of the group.

    Zmalfoy, really wanting to know about the book you are writing and if you have finished?

    Grunt, how did the incident with your son and cops resolve?

    Forgive me here, but I can’t remember who it was that was just as interested as I was about the Japan nuclear situation. I think was Knight, but may have been 4gfc. Credit my feeble brain for not remembering, but am wondering have you seen any news lately, because I can’t find any and am still worried about that wall they were trying to build to protect the sea from the radiated water.

    I miss you guys

    • Knight4GFC says:

      Tessa, I am still here… as you may have noticed, haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

      You are right, Tessa. It was I that was posting some news stories on, and interested in, the ongoing “Japan nuclear situation.” I tend to follow this sight on the matter:

      As for the “ice wall” they are trying to build, here is the latest:
      Japan In Depth / TEPCO Measures Fail To Hold Water

      Thank you Tessa for your kind words. Please hang around. I apologize for not having the time to keep it “lively” around here. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Aloha Tessa,
      Some of us have gone nowhere. I have been preparing for battle. A Spiritual battle that has befallen the Christian world as we know it. Lines are being drawn in the sand and they are deep. Deep enough for every Christian to be wary and fearful that they choose the right path. For it matters much. Some may not see it others may choose to not acknowledge it but it is here and will directly affect the path of every single Christian in this world. Freedom is a gift and fully achieved through none other than Christ. So for those who have kept oil in their lamps and hold onto Christ Word, they will have Light when the time comes. So pray for yourself and pray for those you love. I ask you to pray for me as I will certainly continue to pray for all of those who’s lives I have been in touch with.
      I am not trying to use scare tactics. I am not trying to use fear. I am just advising those I care about to stay close to God and as free from serious sin as possible in these dark times in which we live. Stay close to those who love God and keep His Word for they are surely your friends. Be wise and judge situations by the fruit that they bear and not just the emotions they emit and confuse man with. Humanism cannot be confused with Truth and God’s Word which is concrete and does not change regardless of how much man may try to. God is the same yesterday, today and will continue to be tomorrow. Unfortunately man doesn’t recognize his enemy much anymore and has become “progressive” even theologically.

      This is my OPINION!
      Watch and see with eyes wide open what is going on in America and her Churches for what is about to befall both of them! Man brings on his own condemnation for turning away from God, which is TRUTH!

      • tessa50 says:

        I pray for all here, yourself included. Yes America is having troubles, no doubt. I just put faith in God that wherever these times lead us he is still there. He told us troubles would come and that they have.

    • Hi Tessa! Everybody’s still around, just scattered a little, and busy. I know that Zoph and I both get real busy in September due to the government end-of-fiscal-year, but we both post comments now and then at our sister site, PoliNation. I’ve been making regular posts over there, like this one that Bob reposted on her site:
      or these:

      I’ve seen Freedom1781 over there a lot, and Barn sometimes. And, of course, Pete and RP have always posted over there. You should know that you and everyone else are completely welcome, too. Just click on the PoliNation button on the right side —>

      I suspect you have a lot in common with some of the other gals who post there. Give it a try. Chrissy and Ting and Pete and Rose (who owns the site) have told me that you are all welcome with open arms.

      I know that Knight and GFC are still trying to make a go of it here, and are doing a fine job. We all still care about each other and remain friends, but if it gets too quiet, I encourage them to comment over there as well. I’ll still be hanging around here, just like I’m sure many of the others will be. But I hope you are confident enough to continue to speak up both here and at PN. You ARE a part of the group. Always have been. Don’t be a stranger! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Oh, and you asked about my son… He’s off at college, and since then, he’s been arrested again and I was just in court with him last week. My tendency is to assume my own kid is guilty, but from the courtroom discussion, I have to conclude that he’s innocent of both charges. The first was a DUI arrest, and the blood test came back completely clear of all intoxicants, so it was a false arrest. The second was also a false arrest by an over-zealous campus cop, and that’s being cleared up. But now he’s been in jail twice and has a prison nickname. They called him “Boyscout.” *sigh* Thanks for asking!!

      • tessa50 says:

        I am glad your son will come out ok on those things grunt. Always a big worry when our children have troubles. Boyscout, lol

        • I think the problem is that they’re dealing with a lot of new laws in this state they don’t know how to enforce yet. Any time they see something and they don’t know what it is, they ‘assume’ it’s bath salts or spice, and they arrest everybody in the group and wait for the lab tests. No apologies, however, when you’re innocent. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And college is not a pristine environment. Your kids need to be solid or you shouldn’t send them at all. I hate this new world.

          • Knight4GFC says:

            “No apologies, however, when youโ€™re innocent. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And college is not a pristine environment. Your kids need to be solid or you shouldnโ€™t send them at all. I hate this new world.”

            Yeah… I definitely agree with you.

    • solaratov says:

      I’m still here, too. I read every day, but don’t post a lot right now – mostly because I feel pretty ragged out and tired a lot of the time. I guess that’s one of the side effects of the chemotherapy that I’m getting. I’ll be done with that in another nine weeks (or 12, IDK) and then should recover some of my energy.
      This cancer really makes me feel like some sort of ‘old man’ sometimes. lol. But I’m still in the fight; and, with the help of God, I expect to live a lot longer than the doctors expect me to. But, it’s all up to God.
      Anyway, Tessa, you just keep posting…and I’ll keep reading. KTHXBY

      • solaratov says:

        Interestingly enough, when I went to chemotherapy yesterday, I was perusing the fall issue of “Cancer Today” and they had a short article about “Chemo Brain”. It seems that chem causes short-term memory loss, difficulty concentrating,finding the right words, multitasking and fatigue. Then, after one is finished with chemo, it gradually resolves on its own in about six to nine months. This happens in about 58% of people. I suppose that I’m in that lucky group…and I’ll just have to go with the flow and see where it takes me. Other than some of the ‘symptoms’ of chemo brain, I’m feeling good (still weaker than I was, but getting better) and haven’t gotten sick at all from the treatment. That’s better than a lot – or most – of the other people. Some of them are really hit hard and get quite ill. I feel pretty lucky in that regard.

      • tessa50 says:

        I am very happy to see you here Sol. I have prayed for you and am glad to read further down that the chemo is not making you sick. What a blessing that is. Take care and just so ya know in case I should have said something, I don’t know what KTHXBY means.

    • barnslayer says:

      I’m still here too. 4GFC is working it’s way through a website version of intestinal flu. It saps the energy out of you. Hopefully it will pass in the near future.
      Here’s a facsimile of my Saiga 308 just because

      • That IS a nice Saiga. I still don’t get how those things pass the NY regs. I suppose it’s neutered in some way.

        • barnslayer says:

          No pistol grip, no flash suppressor, no bayonet mount, mag capacity 10 or less.
          Here’s one that’s been converted to it’s normal AK configuration…….

          • Right! I keep forgetting the stupid rules just limit the *appearance* of a battle rifle.

            So, is that .308 a 7.62x39mm like an AK, or a 7.62×51? I’m guessing the 39.

            • barnslayer says:

              I got the Saiga in .308 ( 7.62×51 NATO). You may recall I used to have a rifle in that caliber. This was meant to replace it legally. The picture above is a converted 7.62×39 which is the true AK caliber. At a glance I couldn’t tell the which caliber it is. Saiga also makes it in 5.56mm (.223 caliber) as well as the AK-74 (5.45x39mm).

      • tessa50 says:

        I realized the other day that I had missed responding to you barn. Sorry about that. Good to see you.

    • freedom1781 says:

      Hi, Tessa. I’m still here but don’t post as much any more. I do visit to see what’s going on with those who continue to post here. My DD is back to school so my nights are usually busy with homework, getting her ready for the next day, cooking dinner, etc. Plus my days are more hectic at my job then they have been in a long time. All that leaves me very little time to hang out here or even at PoliNation.

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