Open Thread, Thursday 30 October 2014

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    • solaratov says:

      Did the lava flow actually bypass (encircle) that cemetery in the upper map view?

      • Knight4GFC says:

        Yes it did… somewhat. The lava flow covered the buddhist cemetery only partly. I’ve heard that some of the caskets were exhumed and relocated prior to the flow covering cemetery grounds.

      • Knight4GFC says:

        I should add that the lava FLOW FRONT, at this moment, has stalled in progress. Rather the lava flow has widened and breakouts were noticed further up the flow. This has happened off and on during the life of this flow. I will post the latest update.

        • That’s a good sign, right?

          • Knight4GFC says:

            Uhhh… it is ONLY for the property directly in front of the flow… perhaps temporarily. The flow may resume later as it has done before. Overall, the flow and it’s breakouts behind the flow front, is still active, is still flowing through, and is still aiming for the same general area. Pahoa village.

            • Eventually. *IF* the flow continues. But as folks in Hilo know, it will eventually stop. And the more this knife-edge front, poised to cut the highway, stalls while the flow spreads in pastureland upstream, the more it saves Pahoa. But I see what you mean that the “spread” doesn’t really help in the long run if the flow keeps coming for months.

              • Knight4GFC says:

                That’s right. Kilauea has been erupting continuously for 31 years. Kilauea feeds the June 27’th flow – the current flow that is currently stalled at the front in Pahoa. There is no other flow. Some time prior to the June 27’th flow, the lava has been cascading down the south flank of Kilauea and into the sea for years. Not anymore. The lava flow is now traveling the northeast side of the flank and down north of the ridge that extends from Kilauea to Pahoa. To my knowledge, I have no reason to believe that the flow will breakout on the south side of the stream, travel uphill and over the ridge then flow down the south side and back into the sea again. All breakouts upstream, have predominantly been on the north, northeast side of the stream. So, unless the volcano suddenly stops erupting (It could happen!) or a new vent opens up at the south side of the summit stealing the supply from the June 27’th flow, this current flow will continue to threaten all those in the lower district of Puna on the Big Island.

              • All good points, Knight. You know it better than me. I was just thinking about the tendency to shift vents around over the years. Like the fact that the Ulu crater flowed for a while back in the 80s and then stalled. And then others opened up elsewhere… Things DO look bad for Pahoa, though.

              • Knight4GFC says:

                I understand. A new vent opening elsewhere is a hope that could very well happen. I could not pretend to know all about the lava flow/output of the volcano. Nor can I predict the outcome of such. Based on what knowledge I do have about the current situation and the history of Kilauea, as you said, “things do look bad for Pahoa” and threatening to all of lower Puna. Time could possibly be on our side. We’ll see. By the way, did you see yesterday’s video update I posted about the flow? Did you notice the Paniolos rounding up the loose cattle around the flow? I thought that was cool… or hot. 😀

              • Yes, sweaty work! Good stuff you’ve been posting. Thanks for all that!!

              • Knight4GFC says:

                You’re welcome!

  1. HicksterA says:

    That’s incredible power in all of that. Good grief. From this view, though, it’s amazing. BTW: Always appreciate the Bible verses posted up in the right corner. Some time back they weren’t showing up, nice to see them again.
    Once in awhile stop by to browse. 🙂

  2. Knight4GFC says:

    Latest Lava Flow Updates:

    VIDEO: Morning Lava Flow Update – Sunday, Nov. 2

    No advancement of June 27th lava flow stalled front

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