Open Thread, Tuesday 4 November 2014

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  1. Just a Thought for the day. I am in no way azsking or telling any of you “not to vote”. That is between you and God!


    February 29, 2012 by GFCinthatorder | Edit I have always been taught, God Bless my parents, that everything we do in life we should be accountable for. Being a Christian, in today’s world, is very difficult and if you are to be held accountable for your vote, by God Almighty, then can we even VOTE?I have been hearing a lot of “anybody but Obama” buzz all over net. I disapprove of this statement completely! Would I like to see another President in office other than Obama? Yes and (here is where I start ducking all the flying debris) no. Yes because I cannot stand one more moment of what this man is doing to our country. And now for the “no” part. Let me say this very clearly! I cannot understand how a Christian can vote for any man who does not protect the innocent lives of our unborn. How are you going to explain this to our God? I mean what can one say in his/her own defense? “Ahhhh, I voted for him because he was of the lesser of two evils”! Doesn’t your vote count? If it does then you just voted to abort some innocent unborn babies for the excuse of “it was the lesser of two evils”. I cannot justify doing so! I wonder how God sees it?Okay so Obama gets back in and more bad stuff happens. It is my fault you say because I did not vote and that put him back in office? Well at least when I die my “voting” record is not going to include that of the innocent lives of the unborn. But I am not stopping there. I am demanding that our “leaders” step up to the plate and give us Christians leadership that we “demand” them to be. I don’t and won’t succumb to lowering my standards just so we can have “anybody” but Obama. We don’t want to suffer, who does? But maybe that is just what we need to do in order to (remember gold is purified by fire) bring about the purification, determination and renewed belief/faith in our God. If we do not demand, from our leaders, to live by God’s Law then we will never get it! Many of our Church leaders have already failed us. But we, as rocks, have to shout out from the desert what we know to be true. ABORTION IS WRONG!!! PERIOD!!!! When are we going to return to God’s Laws in our hearts? We are lost if we don’t. The issues are on the table and the lines have been drawn in the sand. We, in America, have a choice, freedom of choice. I have already made my choice. If the man running for the POTUS is not “pro-life” I will not vote for him. I don’t care what side of the ticket he is on! If neither of them is “pro-life” then my choice is to not vote for either of them. What happens when we bargain for the “lesser of two evils”? IMHO we give a little of our good away in order that we can get something in return for it. This is a trick of the devil.Look how much we have given away? And our leaders are getting worse and worse for it. If you demand excellence then you will get it. If your standard is mediocre than your leadership will be thus also. leadership works the same way. If they demand faithful followers, then those who will follow will be faithful. If you leadership fails then your people will also follow quickly behind thee. God did not come down to earth and compromise His principles, He died for them. He showed us the way and then asked us to be like Him. He never gave anything good away.  Quite the contrary, He demanded change. To come up out of sin, be forgiven and sin no more.America is getting what it deserves, what it chooses. My no vote in a way, is a vote for more suffering because I believe that is what it is going to take to clean up this mess. Our past sins are great so I expect the suffering to be great. Will my family suffer? Yes. Will it be because I didn’t vote? Yes. But like a good parent, I believe the punishment will be just. And out of the punishment God will (in His Great Mercy and Love) bring forth the Gold and it will shine. Unfortunately we are going to have top suffer, but maybe we can save our souls and be cleansed because of it.Before you cast one more vote, for “anybody but Obama”, let’s be perfectly honest with ourselves and realise what we are doing to our souls and the souls of our children tomorrow. Talk about Obama putting all of us in debt? Are we doing the same thing to our Children when we vote for one more “so-called” Christian who does not vote “Pro-Life” and it does not matter what the excuse is. DEMAND LEADERSHIP THAT OUR SOULS AND CONSCIENCE CAN LIVE WITH!!

  2. Democrats’ current logo:

    Looks like..

    Democrats’ OLD logo (“Kicking Ass”):

    Last night, GOP’s version of “Kicking Ass”

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