Open Thread, Tuesday 11 November 2014 – VETERANS DAY

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jer 29:11

Almighty God, You are our Creator and Sustainer. You are our Light and our Fortress. You are our Wisdom and our Strength. Lord, you moved upon men to establish this great nation. You stirred men to hope and to dream for a land of freedom. We praise you for this great nation. Lord, you have inspired many of our best and brightest to volunteer to proudly stand and defend our beloved country. You have given us brave and loyal men and women who have steadfastly served in their chosen branch of our military. We gather today to remember our military personnel. We acknowledge that their service enables us to walk as free men and women in this great land. Lord, today we seek to honor your sons and daughters who have served or who are serving our country.

We are reminded that because of their service we can live in safety. We ask that you abundantly bless those who have previously served. May their service time be rewarded in every way. May they gain earthly and heavenly blessings from their unselfish love of country. Lord, we stop now and remember those who are currently serving. We ask that you provide them with your protection, your strength, and your peace. We ask that you would abundantly provide for all their needs. We ask that you would enable them to overcome every personal and professional obstacle. We ask that you would protect their families from hurt and harm.

May each of our veterans feel honored not just today but every day. Father, we also give special recognition to our wounded warriors. We realize that many of our heroes are dealing with physical and emotional wounds that occurred as a result of their time of service to our country. We ask that they would be given the best treatments available and that you would add your supernatural blessings to all the efforts given to them to help them. We ask that you, Lord, would show them miracles as they seek to gain health, stability, and wholeness. We pray these things in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Prayer by Beth McLendon

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13 Responses to Open Thread, Tuesday 11 November 2014 – VETERANS DAY

  1. Awesome words. Awesome post. Thanks, Knight! Blessings to all who have served.

    • Knight4GFC says:

      Thank you and dittos! From the bottom of my heart, I thank all who have served this country for my sake and the sake of all who live freely in America. May God bless you all! And may God bless our own veteran, Solaratov! Jesus, please help him heal.

  2. RedPill getting some attention over at Iowahawk’s Twitter feed.

  3. Prayers today for Solaratov still dealing with chemo. Sorry I haven’t called in a while, Buddy. I’ll be trying today. God bless you for your service.

  4. HicksterA says:


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