Open Thread, Monday 1 December 2014

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  1. stan kon says:

    A Timely Prayer To God

    Dearest God,

    We sadly confess we are a fallen people and a fallen nation. We have become an embarrassment to you and our spirits are broken by division among us. We have allowed the fire in our hearts for you to become just a smoldering ember, quickly growing colder each day and about to be extinguished forever.

    The forces of darkness are winning all around us and we see the consequences of our choices confronting us which offer us only hopelessness and despair. No longer can we count on Your protective graces to surround us from the dangers of this evil nation and evil world, graces which once ensured us of the love You had for Your people as we enjoyed in our historic past.

    Therefor, we drop upon our knees and beg You to return to Your unfaithful flock and rekindle in us, zeal for Your Spirit, Your infinite healing love and unbridled protection to be upon us once more. Help us to once again do what you honor and favor for us to have a harmonious relationship with You; to gain Your total love and respect again.

    When we purposely legislate new laws which vanquish Your laws and deviate from the framework gifted to us by those You worked with during the birth of this great nation, we secure and guarantee our demise and separation from You, leaving us without hope, Almighty God.

    Therefore we pray that You would open our hearts and our minds to reestablish the forces of goodness we need to be totally one with You once more. We pray for all who are in darkness to receive Your grace to come to You now, especially those who wish to bring harm unto this nation and its people, those who support immorality in any form as measured by Your commandments, those who are lukewarm in their relationships with You God and ALL who have most need of Your profound Mercy. Amen.

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