Just a blog run by a bunch of faithful, conservative, patriotic folks who are trying to keep their priorities in order.  And maybe have some fun in the process.  🙂

If you’re curious about the blog heritage, most of us started out blogging at HillBuzz shortly after Emperor Obama was elected the first time.  After the “USO” incident, many ended up at a new blog called the Honey Trail, which is partially preserved here, and then The Last Refuge (or Conservative Treehouse) which went private almost immediately except for a token public presence.  The remnant formed two blogs: PoliNation, founded by mostly women, and For God, Family and Country, formed mostly by men.  Sometimes you will hear PN referred to as The Garden and 4GFC as The Man Cave.

Both were formed as forums for faithful Judeo-Christian, conservative, political discussion, and we remain very close, cross-commenting every day.  Together, we boast many of the original HillBuzz refugee personalities, including Kevin DuJan’s ex-principal administrator, both the original founder and the ultimate preserver of the Honey Trail blog and several refugee admins from the Treehouse.  Oh, and we can’t forget that when one of the Man Cave’s founders, GFCinThatOrder, was playing high school baseball on Oahu in the 70s, he helped his team kick the crap out of the Punahou School on their home turf while a young, cocaine-snorting, sissy-boy Barack Obama was playing outfield.  After the game, one of the bigger guys on the winning team chased Barack around the field threatening to beat him up because he didn’t like his attitude.  True story.  Other than that somewhat pirate-like, outlaw pedigree, we really aren’t bad people, and a few (actually only Shalini, I think) have never even been thrown out of any rough bars.  So, you shouldn’t believe what they say about us.


9 Responses to About

  1. Is the picture from Molokai? Like your Chinese missile post.

  2. I lived on Oahu, Maui, and Kauai, visited Molokai. On the Mainland now. Hope to be back on Maui by next year if “all hell doesn’t break loose” in the world… 🙂

    • Ahhh Bummers. I hope you make it back to the islands soon. We need some “like minded” individuals over here.
      Mahalo for stopping by though and hope you continue to stick around no matter where ya are.

  3. Thank you guys for being there for America!
    – Jesse Prewitt

  4. Jake says:

    only two third of those exist

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