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At some point, you’ve played enough golf

King Putt has an unusual notion of what is meant by not resting.   Advertisements

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Don’t fence me in

“For all the pop romance in Latin America associated with Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, few Latinos prefer to immigrate to such communist utopias or to socialist spins-offs like Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador or Peru. “Instead, hundreds of thousands of poor people … Continue reading

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In historic move, Obama signs executive order impeaching himself

From Pundit from Another Planet. Frustrated by GOP’s Unwillingness to Take the Bait, Obama Signs First-Ever Self-Impeachment Order Critics Blast Obama’s Action as “Irresponsible,” “Reckless,” Dems Fear Constitutional Crisis, Congress Accuses Obama of “Presidential Reach-Around” “If the Republicans aren’t willing to work … Continue reading

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Shun the non-alarmist: NYT spotlights sophomoric treatment of climate science pariah

By Scott Ott. It’s no longer enough to believe that the climate is changing, and that man’s activities may have a role in it. In order to avoid an Amish-caliber shunning by the AGW cabal, you must set your hair on … Continue reading

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Calling Dr. Cloward… Dr. Piven… Dr. Cloward…

“Could the flood of underage, would-be immigrants over the southern border be ‘Obama’s Katrina’ as Susan Page of USA Today warned? “No, it’s worse. Even the most virulent George W. Bush denigrator would not suggest that the former president actually … Continue reading

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Annie get your pill

“It has long been suspected that the Supreme Court hates women, although it took the court’s 5–4 decision in the Hobby Lobby case to fully reveal its blatant misogyny. “The Court held that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act forbids the administration from forcing … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama Denies Calling Hillary Clinton ‘Hildebeest’

From (2014-06-23) — Putting to rest allegations in the controversial new book, “Blood Feud,” the White House today said First Lady Michelle Obama and presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett do not refer to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by a derogatory name in private … Continue reading

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