Open Thread, Wednesday 29 January 2014

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59 Responses to Open Thread, Wednesday 29 January 2014

  1. texan59 says:

    First Porsche ever built discovered hidden away. Funny thing. It is an electric car that had 1100# of batteries and would go………… 49 miles on a charge. Boy howdy, those genius’ designing today’s clown cars sure have come a long way. 🙄

  2. Knight4GFC says:

    “The president’s taste for unilateral action to circumvent Congress should concern every citizen, regardless of party or ideology. The great 18th-century political philosopher Montesquieu observed: “There can be no liberty where the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person, or body of magistrates.” America’s Founding Fathers took this warning to heart, and we should too.”

    Ted Cruz: The Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama

    In the nation’s history, there is simply no precedent for an American president so wantonly ignoring federal law

  3. solaratov says:

    More on the ammo question…

    Good advice from Tam @VFTP: What ammo for self-defense? Pick any from this list:
    Keeping in mind that handguns generally offer poor incapacitation potential, bullets with effective terminal performance are available in all of the most commonly used duty pistol calibers—pick the one that you shoot most accurately, that is most reliable in the type of pistol you choose, and best suits you likely engagement scenarios.

    The following loads all demonstrate outstanding terminal performance and can be considered acceptable for duty/self-defense use:

    9 mm:
    Barnes XPB 115 gr JHP (copper bullet)
    Federal Tactical 124 gr JHP (LE9T1)
    Federal HST 124 gr +P JHP (P9HST3)
    Remington Golden Saber bonded 124 gr +P JHP (GSB9MMD)
    Speer Gold Dot 124 gr +P JHP
    Winchester Ranger-T 124 gr +P JHP (RA9124TP)
    Winchester 124 gr +P bonded JHP (RA9BA)
    Winchester Ranger-T 127 gr +P+ JHP (RA9TA)
    Federal Tactical 135 gr +P JHP (LE9T5)
    Federal HST 147 gr JHP (P9HST2)
    Remington Golden Saber 147 gr JHP (GS9MMC)
    Speer Gold Dot 147 gr JHP
    Winchester Ranger-T 147 gr JHP (RA9T)
    Winchester 147 gr bonded JHP (RA9B/Q4364)

    .40 S&W:
    Barnes XPB 140 & 155 gr JHP (copper bullet)
    Speer Gold Dot 155 gr JHP
    Federal Tactical 165 gr JHP (LE40T3)
    Speer Gold Dot 165 gr JHP
    Winchester Ranger-T 165 gr JHP (RA40TA)
    Federal HST 180 gr JHP (P40HST1)
    Federal Tactical 180 gr JHP (LE40T1)
    Remington Golden Saber 180 gr JHP (GS40SWB)
    Speer Gold Dot 180 gr JHP
    Winchester Ranger-T 180 gr JHP (RA40T)
    Winchester 180 gr bonded JHP (RA40B/Q4355/S40SWPDB1)

    .45 ACP:
    Barnes XPB 185 gr JHP (copper bullet)
    Hornady Critical Duty 220 gr +P JHP
    Federal HST 230 gr JHP (P45HST2)
    Federal HST 230 gr +P JHP (P45HST1)
    Federal Tactical 230 gr JHP (LE45T1)
    Speer Gold Dot 230 gr JHP
    Winchester Ranger-T 230 gr JHP (RA45T)
    Winchester Ranger-T 230 gr +P JHP (RA45TP)

    — Obviously, clone loads using the same bullet at the same velocity work equally well (ie. Black Hills ammo using Gold Dot bullets, Corbon loads using Barnes XPB bullets, etc…)

    — Bullet designs like the Silver Tip, Hydra-Shok, and Black Talon were state of the art 15 or 20 years ago. These older bullets tend to plug up and act like FMJ projectiles when shot through heavy clothing; they also often have significant degradation in terminal performance after first passing through intermediate barriers. Modern ammunition which has been designed for robust expansion against clothing and intermediate barriers is significantly superior to the older designs. The bullets in the Federal Classic and Hydrashok line are outperformed by other ATK products such as the Federal Tactical and HST, as well as the Speer Gold Dot; likewise Winchester Ranger Talons are far superior to the old Black Talons or civilian SXT’s.

    Tam knows what she’s talking about.
    Stay the hell away from the “gimmick” bullets. They’ll fail you every time…and they’ll only cause you problems. Legal ones at the very least.


    • solaratov says:

      Whatever you choose, make sure you fire at least 500 and preferably 1000 failure free shots through your pistol prior to carrying it. If your pistol cannot fire at least 1000 consecutive shots without a malfunction, something is wrong and it is not suitable for duty/self-defense use.

    • Great list, Sol. We can permalink this on the RHS for further reference.

      One thing I notice, that I didn’t know before, is that the Barnes copper bullets run, on average, 80% of the weight of other lead ammo – at least in HP, and I’m guessing that same ratio holds up with other FMJ ammo, as well. That makes sense, since the copper is less dense. I had assumed Barnes had some way of compensating for this, either by reshaping the slugs, packing more bullet length into the empty space of the cartridge, or something like that. I guess that’s probably not an option, though. So, we can conclude that the copper bullets are always going to be lighter and have 20% less kinetic energy and stopping power?

      • solaratov says:

        A 115 grain copper bullet is going to have the same kinetic energy as a lead 115 grain – assuming the same velocity.
        But the Barnes bullets all seem to just cover the lighter bullet weights in each caliber. (The heaviest 45ACP bullet I saw was 200 grains – which is the lightest I shoot in 45.) One advantage I see to the copper is that it will stay together better and retain full weight for all of its penetration – which *should* create a bigger more destructive wound channel.
        If you want to use the 230 grain 45, 200 grain 10mm, or 147 grain 9mm, as I do, you’ll have to go to the old-fashioned lead and gilding metal – of which there are a lot of really good ones on the market.

        One that I didn’t see on the list was the Remington Golden Saber 230 grain .45ACP. That is what the FBI specified as ammo for the Springfield 1911s that it got for its HRT and regional SWAT teams. If you use something like that, I can’t see a prosecutor calling it a “mad dog killer round” if it’s FBI standard issue.


  4. texan59 says:

    I live near a small town without a lot of funds. It doesn’t snow all that much, so sometimes you just have to go with what you’ve got. 😉

  5. Verse of the day
    ◾Mark 9:35
    “Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.””

    So serve others with prayer and with LEAD!

  6. solaratov says:


    👿 III

  7. Some great graphics stolen from Pistol Pete:

    And one from Chris Muir:

    And one from the Earl:

  8. Knight4GFC says:

    Death Penalty? In Hawaii? Never. It’ll never happen, even though the accused might deserve it.

    Murder trial could be Hawaii’s first death penalty case
    Naeem Williams accused of killing daughter in 2005
    Read more:

  9. texan59 says:

    Coulter: republicans on suicide watch

  10. solaratov says:

    I just saw this for the first time a few minutes ago……


  11. Knight4GFC says:

    “Where the United States is heading, and where many think it should he heading, is expected to be defined in so many words Thursday night when “2016″ moviemaker Dinesh D’Souza debates President Obama’s longtime buddy, unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.”

    Left vs. Right debate to feature D’Souza, Ayers
    It’s ‘Spirit of ’76’ vs. ‘brink of destruction’

  12. Knight4GFC says:

    Somewhere, Ronald Reagan is shaking his head. If only we took his advice. But, boy! Putin is sure on top of his game!

    “‘Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values,’ Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a recent keynote speech. ‘Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.’

    In his state of the nation address in mid-December, Mr. Putin also portrayed Russia as a staunch defender of ‘traditional values’ against what he depicted as the morally bankrupt West. Social and religious conservatism, the former KGB officer insisted, is the only way to prevent the world from slipping into ‘chaotic darkness.’

    As part of this defense of ‘Christian values,’ Russia has adopted a law banning ‘homosexual propaganda’ and another that makes it a criminal offense to ‘insult’ the religious sensibilities of believers.”

    Putin Slams ‘Morally Bankrupt America:’ Who’s ‘Godless’ Now?

    • Well, he’s got a point. I just wish I knew whether to believe him.

      Hey, Knight! I tried some of that chocolate covered squid. I was the only one who could stomach eating a whole one. Gruntessa wimped out entirely. The boys tried it but spit it out and called it “disgusting.” I seem to be the only real man in the house. The others have dishonored the famiry. 😉

      • Knight4GFC says:

        Now that there is funny!!! “Famiry?” Okay, so you had to take a couple of shots of Irish whiskey to summon the “Irish bravery” to “stomach” that? 😀 Ok… I grant that perhaps “liking” certain foods depends on both “acquiring” a taste for, and growing up in a culture that eats a LOT of seafood… raw! 🙂 I admire your Irish bravery and trying something “new”. Personally, I liked that Chocolate-Covered Ika. 🙂 You have saved the family dignity! 😀

        As for Putin, I don’t trust or believe him. Forgive me, but old habits are hard to “get over”… for “ex-commies”! BUT THE POINT ITSELF IS INDEED MADE! THE POINT ITSELF IS TRUE!

  13. Knight4GFC says:

    States Consider Measures to Sell Guns from Buybacks Proponents say destroying firearms wastes potential revenue – See more at:

  14. Knight4GFC says:

    Whoa… this is why bHo stated that he would VETO ANYTHING that would upset his dealings with Iran.

    Lawmaker: Iran Deal Being Kept in ‘Super Secret Location’

    The full text of the recently inked Iranian nuclear deal is being kept in “a super secret location” shrouded in “a cone of silence,” according to House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFAC) member Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R., Fla.) – See more at:

  15. texan59 says:

    Poor little thing. Eco-terrorist gets 5 years and $13M fine and two book reports. Read her pitiful apology to the judge embedded in the article. Boo-freakin’-hoo.

  16. Knight4GFC says:

    Perhaps they would have better help appealing to Russia? Putin sure seems to have it down. Urge the U.S.? With b-HUSSEIN-o as Muslim Leader In Chief?

    “Members of the Christian leadership in Syria said at the Heritage Foundation that the burning of churches and homes, abductions, and executions has prompted more than 400,000 Christians to either leave their homes or the country. Their minority community has been a casualty of the almost three-year civil war between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and a rebel opposition increasingly dominated by al Qaeda-linked terrorist groups. The leaders urged the United States and the West to help find a solution to the crisis that has claimed more than 130,000 lives and displaced millions. Negotiators—currently engaged in peace talks between the Syrian government and opposition—are attempting to open up areas blockaded by the government to humanitarian aid, but there has so far been little progress toward the removal of Assad…

    …Dozens of Christians have also been executed, he added. Children have been given boxes with the heads of Christians inside.”

    Christian Community in Syria Could Cease to Exist if Civil War Continues More than 400,000 Christians have left their homes or the country so far – See more at:

  17. Knight4GFC says:

    “When Muñoz was admitted to the hospital, 14 weeks pregnant at the time, doctors continued life support by means of a heart-lung machine indefinitely because Texas state law requires that the life of an unborn child be safeguarded by keeping the mother alive.

    The Texas Advance Directives Act (Sec. 166.049) states: ‘A person may not withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment under this subchapter from a pregnant patient…’

    …On the day the judge ordered the end of life support, the hospital said tests indicated that the pre-born baby was 22 weeks and 5 days old.”

    Texas Woman Taken Off Life Support; Unborn Baby Also Dies

  18. Knight4GFC says:

    “Let’s do more to help Americans save for retirement.

    Today, most workers don’t have a pension. A Social Security check often isn’t enough on its own. And while the stock market has doubled over the last five years, that doesn’t help folks who don’t have 401ks. That’s why, tomorrow, I will direct the Treasury to create a new way for working Americans to start their own retirement savings: MyRA. It’s a new savings bond that encourages folks to build a nest egg. MyRA guarantees a decent return with no risk of losing what you put in.” – bHo

    Obama to Force Americans to Buy Government Bonds?

  19. Knight4GFC says:

    “Langfan’s system has proved an extremely beneficial tool in explaining the vital threats to Israel’s security in clear visual terms. When it comes to defending Israel, Langfan has proven that pictures really do speak a thousand words.”

    Three Dimensional Kits Make Israel’s Case for Indefensible Borders Crystal Clear

  20. Knight4GFC says:

    Obama’s no lame duck. He’s the top duck bringing America down and quacking loudly as he goes about it
    Nothing ‘lame duck’ about a president working to bring down America

  21. Knight4GFC says:

    “It appeared that I was a bit behind the curve about the very real threat of a false flag event taking place at the Olympics. To clarify the definition of false flag, I’ll also include the passive act of looking the other way, allowing an event to occur, or permitting just enough of something to happen that it would capture the attention of the world. It certainly does not need to be on the scale of 9/11, but could very well have similar consequences. Consequences that could lead to global war. Despite looking at and assessing this information daily, I was just not thinking big enough. The following should provide you with the information and scenario that seems to put everything into perspective.”

    Terrorism is a tactic, a tool that is being used by nations to advance their geopolitical aims
    Threats at Sochi expose “a larger agenda,” says intelligence source

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