Beyond the ObamaNation: Surprised by Joy

(with apologies to C. S.  Lewis)

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. – Jeremiah 29:11

I was inspired to make this brief post by one of Bob’s comments over on PoliNation about “our collective depression,” and also by some of Chrissy’s messages of prayerful encouragement there and GFC’s here.  I’m afraid my very few comments this week, which were all of a cynical nature, may have contributed to discouragement in some.  I don’t want that.  In fact, I want to make it clear to anyone who cares that I am anything but depressed over the election of this last week, and I’d encourage everyone to resist any such hopeless thoughts.  I’m sure I’ll continue to make cynical comments about what’s been done to the good people of this country, but inside, I feel nothing but peace and hopefulness; yes, even joy.

You see, nothing unexpected has happened here.  We all knew last year that there was little political hope of a Romney victory for various reasons.  Over the summer and fall we permitted ourselves to be persuaded that Romney had a real chance, and we were right to be so persuaded.  He surprised us all and put up a good fight – an outstanding fight.  But that doesn’t change the fact that America has reached the tipping point that Karl Marx predicted, that all democracy eventually devolves into mob-ruled socialism at best, and totalitarian oligarchy at worst.  We reached the tipping point when the populations of the urban areas of the country, which are overwhelmingly controlled by liberals (even the polling procedures and policing of polls themselves) began to outnumber the more rural conservative regions of the country.  There will be no going back from this.  So, whether or not there was widespread election fraud or not (there was), it doesn’t matter.

We have lost this fight and the America we loved is dead, but if we persist in our anger beyond the election day aftermath, we are just proving that we put too much hope in a political solution to our problems, and there was never much hope there, ultimately.  Let us not be deceived in that way.  Chrissy and GFC and others are right to find their hope in prayer and in the ultimate hope of eternal life after this one.  They have done a good job of expressing that, and we have been encouraged by it.  But I would propose that we have even more hope than that!  We have hope of something wonderful here on earth before we enjoy the last hope of the condemned, which is still a rich hope.

The world changed on Tuesday.  I felt it in that moment when Ohio was called and the anger and outrage swept over us all, because after the wave passed, there was only relief.  I felt relief because a great weight was lifted off my shoulders; and God, in his mercy, made that relief unequivocal and complete.  Like many of you, I have sworn, under oath, several times, to protect the Constitution of the United States, and her people.  That oath had no expiration date as long as the Constitution and the Republic endured, but over the last four years, that oath has become an enormous burden.  Oaths are easy while the Lord and Lady are pure, but when he is a tyrant and she is a whore, they become burdensome, indeed.   I swore that oath with all my heart, and I would never have failed to fight for even the idiots who voted for Obama the first time, though to die for them and a piece of paper that few of them cared for, would gall me.  But matters have all changed now, haven’t they?

The people have made it clear that they care nothing for the Constitution itself, and more importantly, when all three branches of our government clearly and officially abandoned their Constitutional duties and their leaders abandoned their own oaths, the people responded with a resounding “AMEN!”  That amen echoed throughout the entire country and the world the moment that Ohio was called for Obama.  Did you not hear it? If Romney had not put up such an outstanding fight and forced all good Obamunists to turn out, in many cases admittedly voting multiple times, it would not have been so decisive.  The claim is that Obama had an edge in the popular vote of two and a half million American voices.  Goodness.  If the man who has never met a Constitutional restriction he could endure, were only voted into office once by an ignorant electorate, then it would not have been so decisive.  But decisive it was.  Blessedly so.  There is no more Constitution.  It has been wholly repudiated by the firmly expressed will of the people.  Our own oaths are now null and void, whether we want them to be, or not.  We are free.  And it’s a good thing, because there is much to do.

Yes, we are finally free of that wonderful, sacred and burdensome oath, and we no longer have any sworn responsibility to protect or remain here with out Democrat brothers and sisters.  It is no longer our fight, and they are not our charges any longer.  That does not mean that we, that is, we patriots, may not still freely decide to remain and fight for a new republic – to secede from what’s left of the Union, or go Galt, or to declare war on the usurpers in the name of all who have shed blood for us, or even to do nothing at all, if it’s our choice.    But whether people decide to flee or stay, they now may do so with complete freedom and moral justification, though either way, they will have to pay the price of their choice, and I fear that this newly confident regime will make it a very dear price for all of us.  Let us make that sacrifice joyfully, whatever happens.

Living in interesting times can be a curse, but it can be an extraordinary blessing as well.  Bring it on.  Fear not.  When J.R.R. Tolkien wrote Frodo’s words about wishing he’d never lived to see such times, he knew what Frodo felt like, since some of those words were written under the wail of air raid sirens.  Let us respond as Gandalf does, and make a good story of it, at least, for our grandchildren.  The bigger their eyes when they hear the stories, the better for us.


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Fearless and Devout Catholic Christian First, Loving Husband and Father Second, Pissed-Off Patriot Third, Rocket Engineer Dork Last.
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20 Responses to Beyond the ObamaNation: Surprised by Joy

  1. A couple of months ago, I had an idea of a post that I think I did part way on my blog but focused on the Revolutionary War. The topic of the post was that this is not the first time our country has had these problems. Yes, we know now our country is run by socialists. We know have an issue of taxation without representation. Well, that has happened two other times in our country. The first we learned about at a very young age. It led to the Boston Tea Party that led to the American Revolution. The second led to the Civil War. While the popular teaching is that the only issue of the Civil War was slavery, it was not. The north had the control of the House and Senate and deciding where money should be spent, so there was a bit of taxation without representation felt by the south. Rather than build up the south, they decided to send the money to the west and develop the west. Lincoln made slavery the focus because he knew he would get more support that way. So, we are once again we have a governing body that feels like it has the power to tax us without us having representation. They should look at the history of this country and realize that there are always going to be rebels that aren’t going to take too kindly to that idea. We may feel defeated but the video I put up of Charlie Daniels reminds me that the south has become the strongest part of this country in terms of growth and stability and back in the 70s that notion would have been laughed at by all. There is a reason why the Phoenix is a strong symbol in the south and I think we may need to think of it with this country.

    I feel much like Grunt. The one thing that bothers me is that people didn’t think twice of committing felonies in order to vote when they shouldn’t or vote more than once. For that reason, I truly believe that our country got what it deserved. Sadly, those of us who knew what was happening must deal with that as well.

    • What A Hoot says:

      Interesting you mention Civil War more than about slavery. I was taught IN THE NORTH the CW was not a civil war, technically, because it was not one nation fighting within but two nations fighting and just because both countries had relatives on the other side did not make it a civil war. It was pointed out that many Americans had relatives in Germany during wwII and no one ever calls that a civil war. Anyways, I have no idea how I got taught all this in middle school except maybe I had a renegade teacher. Thus I always thought that it is misrepresented calling it the war between the states or referring to The North and The South. It was one country, The United States of America invaded The Confederate States of America to obtain their natural and industrial resources. President Lincoln defied the entire precept of the United States of America, which was a voluntary uniting for Defense of Liberty. Lincoln wanted the South to redistribute their resources. Obama is not wrong when he compares himself to Lincoln.

      Writing these thoughts down led me, just now, on a quick google search asking if Lincoln was a socialist. I have not finished reading this but looks like a good read. So off I go; to see if indeed Hussein is more like Lincoln than we thought. A foreigner studying America would probably know Lincoln in a very different way than we ourselves, thus, could that be why Hussein thinks he operates in the tradition of America?

      • What A Hoot says:

        So, this guy and another wrote a whole book about this. Here is an interesting review of it, “If you believe that Adolf Hitler and Abraham Lincoln were practically the same and struggle to discern the subtle differences between fascism and communism then read this review no further and buy this book. You will love it. As for the other 99.999999991% of the population – this book really is a total howler written in classic reds under the bed style.

        The genesis idea of the book is that the republican forces of the civil war were stuffed with hardcore socialists and that Lincoln shared many ideas with Marxists. There is a kernel of truth in this. There is also a kernel truth in the argument that Hitler and Lincoln had striking similarities – they were both men, they were both heads of state, they both had dark hair etc. But it is not serious reasoned academic argument. It is the logic of the Carfax Lunatic asylum.

        It is a shame as there as an interesting story to be found about the history of Marxists and socialists in the United States civil war period. However the authors almost visceral contempt for anyone, anything, any variety of socialism or communism appearing on their pages undercuts the whole enterprise.

        I feel the only place for a book like is in what someone rather famously once described
        as `the dustbin of history’. ”

      • I don’t know about the book, and I’m not sure yet what to think about Lincoln, since that’s not history I’m done studying, but I agree with you that the Civil War is a good example that the victors always write history, and it rarely reflects the truth. The truth I know for sure is that God made the people of the world to be free, and that means they must be governed by a large number of sovereign states that must be free to form or sever their relationships as they see fit. What the Union did in denying the South their choice to secede was evil, pure and simple. If there was a beneficial side-effect of ending slavery, that does not change the fact that it was done under misguided pretexts. Because that myth of the all-important union has been allowed to endure, we are seeing that evil propagated as the misguided idea that the UN should rule over the whole world. Nothing could be more wrong, more dangerous or more sure to result in worldwide misery and tyranny. Funny how the same people who would kill all of our freedoms to “prevent war” have no qualms about putting us all in the chains of a one world gov’t that would do unspeakable things.

  2. tyroneb says:

    It’s all temporary anyway. We have a visitor to our solar system. It has many names, but most commonly called Nibiru/Wormwood.
    I’ve studied this since 2005 when that nuke sub (the USS San Francisco) hit an undersea mountain. If you know anything about US subs, they have an ‘awesome’ navigation and fire control system.
    The Navy like to keep them with lots of water under the keel, so they route them very carefully.
    But the earth’s crust is breaking up faster than the ‘eye in the sky’ satellites can plot new developements. Forget silver and gold, but think in terms of beans and bullets and barter items.
    Do not trust NASA and in no event, go into a FEMA or accept .gov transportation. Unless You are very dumb and under age 45.

    • barnslayer says:

      Considering the very real possibility of wholesale voter fraud all other discussions may be not only off the mark but irrelevant as well. We could have fielded the “perfect” candidate and it would have ended the same way.

      • Bob says:

        I agree. This election was not won or lost, it was stolen.

        (That doesn’t change the fact that almost half the voters in this country are imbeciles, but they are still not a majority. Not yet, anyway.)

  3. What’s going to happen to us? The Germans seem convinced that we’re done. They may be right.
    “For the über-watchful among us, the signs of the downfall are obvious. One must only take a look at the condition of the streets (every fourth bridge is crumbling!), or the entirely outdated power grid, to come to the conclusion that this country has its future behind it. A nation that has its utility lines hanging from poles in the street, instead of burying them in an orderly fashion underground, cannot really be taken seriously.

    For as long as I can remember, America has been on the decline. Already in the 1970s, the country was doomed, and that was before people like Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush came to power.”

    What do I think of this? Germans are notoriously proud of themselves and dismissive of others less gifted. I’ve seen it myself on a personal level many times, and I don’t respect it. Teutonic humility doesn’t seem like much of an option. However, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t right. Before Tuesday, I thought there was a chance they were wrong. I no longer hold out much hope of that. We are quite doomed now, and denying that is foolish. Just look at the facts under Obama. The best-case scenario is truly frightening, and that involves our very best cities, not just Detroit, looking very much like 1980’s Eastern Europe in 2 years time. We must face the utter certainty of this and act against it in some way. Perhaps, eventually, with heroic effort and miracles galore, some of it may be averted.

    What is my choice? I am making arrangements to get my family the hell out of this country as fast as I can, and I encourage you to look into doing the same. I think we only have a few months to do so. Maybe much less. I am not the least bit ashamed of this decision. Family always comes before country. My plan is to remain in contact, because if Texas succeeds in mounting a secession attempt, I’d like to be a part of that. I think at least one of my sons will join me in that, as well. In the stark light of reality, though, I expect that it would take a miracle for me to have the liberty to ever look back. I suspect that my whole effort will be taken up in trying to survive, just as you all will be. God be with us in that.

    • Knight4GFC says:

      Grunt my brother, I do understand where you are coming from. I respect your decision. And I definitely agree that Family does come first before Country. But “what” does your Family want to do?
      America had its birth from a situation not too diferent from what is now going on here. I do not have a family of my own but what I do have as family, my brothers my sisters, and my parents would rather fight for a new beginning again for “True Americans” here, or die trying. That’s how our country started. We (True Americans) will do it again if we have to.

      • Brother, until last week I was with you on that, and the truth is, I’m too poor to mount a really successful effort to emigrate anywhere, so I’m likely going to be right here fighting and dying with you when it comes to that. A resistance has already formed, and whether it has a chance of being noticed or remembered, let alone successful, depends on how much support it has among the people. Right now it has very little. When Obama’s crew makes their moves on the UN Small Arms Treaty and their revenge on those who opposed them, and they will, there will be a lot of flashes and bangs and blood and screams, and I pray that it warrants more than a single Wikipedia page. I’ll probably still be here, and I’ll be lying in one of those pools of blood, watching my wife being dragged off out of the corner of my eye, and my last thought will be of my sons, long since drafted into the Civilian Security Force. I’ll especially be thinking about whose wives and children they will be forced to drag off when they’re forced to do so. That’s the way these things work, you know. How do you see it happening? Haven’t you been paying attention to how these things are panning out already?

        So, I’ll probably be there with you, but I won’t be fighting for “country.” To me, there is no more country. If I fight, it will be for my brothers and for the hope that what remains of our “country” can be made to submit, by force, to a new constitutional convention that will try and fix what failed us this time. When that new document is ratified, then I will be fighting for country. In the meantime, my duty is to get my family out of harm’s way, and that is what I’m going to try to accomplish. Whether or not I can is an open question, but I will gladly help others in the attempt, and gladly accept their help, as well.

        • Knight4GFC says:

          I hear you friend. Here’s how I see GFC. Under the category of “God”, people that call themselves Christians yet can go ahead and murder innocent babies, ARE NOT CHRISTIANS! They do not act accordingly as a Christian should. Same with “Family”. Those that say they support the “Family” yet vote for socialism, which is anti GFC, ARE NOT FAMILY! Well, as for “Country”, the country I’m talking about, lies in the hearts of people like you and the rest of the good brothers and sisters here at 4GFC. You are “True Americans”here because you believe in, strive for, support, and die for the principles and morals that this country was founded on. The rest of the so-called “amerikans”, are wannabe has beens, and are NOT AMERICANS!

          • True enough. And I could also see the “C” in GFC as Community or Church, which is fair. But what is a “true American?” We have a strange situation here in America. Our nation was founded on the notion that there would be no more kings, and we rejected the notion of even a common religion. I frankly think both of those moves were mistakes. We swear our oaths to a document. A piece of paper. That paper has now been hopelessly shredded. We are left with nothing. Nothing… but each other. That may be a community, but it’s certainly not a country in the classical sense. It will be even less a country when Al Franken and others in Congress remove all mention of God from the Pledge and from the money. I would bet that will happen this spring. Nothing will stop that. How are you going to feel about your “country” then?

            • Knight4GFC says:

              I agrees 100% with what you said about “C” as community or Church. But that is exactly the “Country” I am talking about. That is you, me, and the rest here. My belief in this “Country” does not need to be on a “piece of paper”. It is written and remembered on my heart. The heart of America can be kept alive on “life support” so to speak. That means alive in the hearts of you and me. America is a belief. A way of life. Being on paper is only meant for the government. It is because of times such as these that “on paper” was meant to keep the government true. Unfortunately, the powers that be in the government, think themselves as god almighty.

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