For An Old Friend…

You know who you are… πŸ™‚

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48 Responses to For An Old Friend…

  1. barnslayer says:

    That obviously wasn’t for me.

  2. MRM says:


  3. I approve of the sentiment, Pill, and I miss her, too. But just so you know, if you post RB every Friday, me and Barn are going to pay you a visit, duct tape you to a tree with a jar of peanut butter in your jacket, and lay out a pile of chocolate-covered espresso beans for the squirrels. It will not be pretty. πŸ˜€

  4. freedom1781 says:

    Ugh. Thank God my daughter’s not a teenager, yet…. πŸ˜‰

  5. freedom1781 says:

  6. And sorry to be a buzzkill on a Friday night, but this seems strangely appropriate…

  7. barnslayer says:

    For my 4GFC brothers (and sisters)

  8. barnslayer says:

    If the shoe fits…

    If you hurry you can also see this at the Treehouse Friday OT.

    • Deimos says:

      You all seriously need help. This entire post is obsessive, to the point of being stalker level creepy. Extremely unnerving.

      And speaking of “honesty”, I know that none of you will be “honest” enough to let this out of moderation. “Honesty” in your eyes is extremely subjective.

      While we’re on the subject of “honesty”, I sure am curious why you decided to take the word of an identified con man and shameless grifter at face value. Makes one question your motivation.

      Kudos on the new home. And for your enlightenment, it’s not the “page views” you need to keep track of to judge its success, it’s “unique site visitors”. Which I think you’re at about ….8. Wow.

      • I am honest enough to let this comment out of moderation. I’m also honest enough to say that the wording above mirrors that of vile emails from SundanceCracker to Grunt and me last night. He’s got serious issues with projection, and has repeatedly tried to turn people against each other.

        Sundance appears to be all about β€œpage views” and β€œunique site visitors” these days.

        That’s not what we are about.

        We are about taking a bold and principled stand for God, Family, and Country.

        We are about standing for the TRUTH.

        We choose to love you, Sundance.

        Jesus taught us to.

      • barnslayer says:

        Well you’re wrong. Out in the sunlight now. I use the same name at the various sites I visit. How about you? Stalking? How is it stalking on our own site? Got a mirror?

        • Deimos says:

          For the record, I am not “Sundance”. Just someone who is completely disgusted with your behavior. And that you automatically assumed that the comment I left came from Sundance just shows how you live in an echo chamber where you view everything through a lens which serves to only reinforce your already warped view, and confirms in my opinion that you are the misogynist I always believed you to be.
          Have your Rocket Scientist Genius Look up the IP address. I didn’t use an IP anonymizer and I’m not Sundance.

      • Echoing my brothers here, I’d like to add that your idea of “success” is a little different than ours. I don’t think anybody here is particularly worried about stats of any kind except one, and it ain’t measured on any stupid blog.

        • Grunt,

          Seriously ask yourself this question.

          And while you have chosen a name to associate yourself with “the personification of terror”, and threatened me via email, I’ll respond here the same way I responded to the following threat from your email:

          no-one “did anything to you”. But you keep pissing me off and that might change because my patience with you is DONE.

          I take that as the threat that it is. And my response is:

          Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

          Psalm 23:4

          • The Truth is a Fact. That fact is what we will face when we die and have to answer for our actions in Life to our Maker. He who knows all and sees inside the hearts of man. God is our Judge and THAT is the only “TRUTH” that ultimately matters for me and YOU. Whether you think so or not.
            I am of fallen nature and will continue to make mistakes, but I will ask forgiveness from my God and my fellow man and be forgiven by both hopefully.
            What is the purpose to attack any of us?
            “Let him rave on, that men will know him mad” Ramses II (Character from The ten Commandments)

        • Deimos says:

          Actually, RP is the one who is obsessed with stats. Which is why he insisted on posting the views before the “official” post went up. Trends with his passive/aggressive personality and he inability to cope with rejection.

          FWIW, for someone who thinks he’s such a superstar, the key players in the blogosphere have no idea who he is. Doesn’t even register as a commenter to anyone who has been in this arena for awhile.

          • Yes, yes, I think it is stellap… the one who took down the “Wow!” post, removed my admin privileges, and then LIED to Sundance about having done so, correct? Sundance was kind enough to send the screen shot that showed that stellap is the one who took my post down on the morning of May 9th.

            But he never apologized for falsely accusing me of taking my own post down. Grunt was right (with one exception*). Sundance was wrong.

            (*) Grunt was right, except for the part about “RP is calling you a liar.” … I had not done so up to that point… what I had said, back in May, was:

            If Sundance continues to give me the silent treatment, then it would be correct to say that there has been a “falling out”. It would appear that they don’t trust me, for one innocuous post. And it would appear that someone is lying to Sundance (or Sundance lying to me) when they claim that they did not actively delete my post and remove me from the admin group.

            Grunt will back me up that I did not directly accuse SD of lying prior to his banning me, deleting my comments, heavily editing his own comment, and then falsely claiming that he had “nothing to hide Jackwagon !”

            That was a lie on SD’s part. He’s got a lot to hide. Which is why he removed the Wal-Mart post, deleted comments, banned users for speaking the truth, etc.

            We are not at war with you, Sundance, or anyone else at the Treehouse. We choose to love you. We are moving on. Will you? Or will you continue to stalk us?

            • I will back RP up that he never used those words, but I never directly quoted. I simply stated what he was doing, in my view. And I did not mince words because I thought SD should take such things seriously. My own words would have been much worse.

            • stellap says:

              I just got back from 2 weeks vacation, and I resent being called a liar. If anyone is a liar, it’s RP. Sorry.

              • stellap says:

                P.S.: Since you insist on making this a public accusation of ME, I never touched your post, or your admin “rights”.

            • stellap says:

              We were trying at the time to see if we could track who had done what. I was in edit mode in your post when it autosaved – and all of the admins know I was, because we were discussing it. It means nothing.

              • Stella, the 4gfc admins have agreed to move further discussion of this topic to a password-protected post on my blog.

                For Treepers
                Password: 4Treepers

                It’s intended to be a Q&A, but not wide open to search engines, because I am not trying to damage the Treehouse.

              • stellap says:

                I have nothing further to say on the subject. It is dead to me.

              • stellap says:

                P.S.: I shared your offer with the other admins, if they care to engage.

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