His Pet Congress: Using Our Truth Filter, What Does Obama’s Burma Speech Tell Us?

Today, rumored U.S. President Barack Obama made an uncomfortable speech in Burma, where he managed to address everyone wrongly and use the name of the country preferred by the military dictatorship, Myanmar, rather than Burma, which is the official U.S. position and the position of those in Burma fighting for freedom and democracy.  He also made this loaded comment about the U.S. Congress:  “Now, on other hand, as President, I cannot just impose my will on Congress — the Congress of the United States — even though sometimes I wish I could.”  As Ben Shapiro of Breitbart news says: “Yes, he does.”

In fact, I would go even a little farther than Ben’s statement (“Liar!”) and ask what this awkward statement really means, in the veiled code-speak that we are used to hearing from the POTUS.  The speech, as a whole, is confusing, and I cannot attempt to analyze the whole thing.  As Shapiro asks:  “What does any of this mean? Even Obama would be hard-pressed to explain.”  But the statement about Congress is compelling.

One thing we know about this man is that he avoids any real threat like the plague.  Face Russia in nuclear disarmament talks before the election?  Not on your life.  He’d just as soon sell out the country to the Russians.  And he did.  Have a press conference before the election to discuss the death of a U.S. Ambassador under his watch?  Hah!  Don’t make me laugh.  He had that presser, the first in eight months, after the election, and he used it to simply belittle those rare members of the press who dared to question him, and to gloat about how his lackeys do as they’re told, and to dare the press to come after him, knowing full well that they can’t come after a man who rarely holds press conferences and may literally never be compelled to hold one again.  He likes to gloat, but he does it obliquely, usually while telling obvious lies.

So what should we make of this statement in Burma about the U.S. Congress?  I think we can assume if he is emboldened enough to joke about how he can’t control Congress, that this is his way of gloating that he does, in fact, control Congress, and that the control is now complete.  We knew it was pretty much true before the election anyway, but it’s nice to have certainty about some things, like the complete and utter betrayal of the Legislature set up by our founding fathers as our main defense against a rogue Executive Branch.


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3 Responses to His Pet Congress: Using Our Truth Filter, What Does Obama’s Burma Speech Tell Us?

  1. Harvey says:

    He made a similar comment a year or so ago. I don’t remember the occasion. The speech may be confusing because it is a recycled mish mash of earlier speeches. He is intellectually lazy and ignorant. The press covers that up.

    • Plus, if you were his speechwriters, how motivated would you be? It’s not like he does anything. His orders, as Manchurian puppet, are to make it look like he’s not doing too much, too fast, while the Oompa-Loompas in the back room are busy stripping the house of valuables.

      Hey check your email when you get the chance. And you, too, Solaratov!

  2. How can you tell he is lying….his lips move! While up is down, down is up, left is still wrong and right is conservative.

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