Open Thread, Thursday 31 July 2014


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In historic move, Obama signs executive order impeaching himself

From Pundit from Another Planet.

Frustrated by GOP’s Unwillingness to Take the Bait, Obama Signs First-Ever Self-Impeachment Order

Critics Blast Obama’s Action as “Irresponsible,” “Reckless,” Dems Fear Constitutional Crisis, Congress Accuses Obama of “Presidential Reach-Around”

“If the Republicans aren’t willing to work with me on this, I’ll do it myself”

Report: Nancy Pelosi Seen in Senate Bathroom, Weeping and Throwing Up

Senior White House Officials Not Warned in Advance, Stunned by President’s Decision

“I’m ready to retire anyway. I’m so sick of this crap. Who needs this? They don’t appreciate what I’ve done for the middle class, what I’ve done for the children… They don’t appreciate what I’ve done for the bureaucrats, what I’ve done for the banks, and for Wall Street, what I’ve sacrificed for the future of the Democratic Party. Screw ‘em. I’m done.” – Obama, after signing historic self-impeachment order

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Jesse Ventura Named Douchebag of the Century by … Everyone

At least he got his reputation back.

As reported by the Minneapolis/St.Paul StarTribune yesterday and today, Jesse Ventura won his defamation lawsuit against the estate of the late Chris Kyle, who was a Navy SEAL, war veteran and author of the best-selling book “American Sniper.” Today, a relieved Ventura said in a StarTribune interview that he would have moved to Mexico if he’d lost the case, because there “would not have been much” left for him in the United States. Mr. Ventura might want to stop counting those unhatched chickens, because the response to his winning $1.8 Million from a war widow has been explosive and overwhelmingly negative. posted some of the internet responses to the case, including this Facebook response from veteran Navy SEAL and “Lone Survivor” author Marcus Luttrell:
Luttrell’s characterization was one of the most reserved. Here are some of the others. Warning for language below the fold.
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Open Thread, Wednesday 30 July 2014


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Dear NAGR Supporter,

NAGR is giving away 4 guns to 4 winners during the month of July!

This month we are giving away a Savage 338 Lapua package [valued at $3,000], a Colt 6920 AR-15 [valued at $1,200], a Weatherby 300 mag hunting rifle [valued $1,400], and a 1776 Flintlock long rifle [valued at $900]!
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Durbin touts Chicago’s new gun crime intelligence center
“You can’t fight a war without intelligence, to know where the weapons are, where the shooters are and to stop it before it happens,” Durbin said Friday at the Center’s downtown offices.

Dear Senator Dickhead:try the Englewood neighborhood on the southwest side.or any subsidized housing project.


I’ll see your two barrels and raise you seven.

Politicking off impeachment chatter
Something very strange is happening on Capitol Hill. Democrats can’t talk enough about impeaching a president of their own party. And Republicans keep saying that there isn’t a chance they’ll give it a try.

The tactic has brought big dollars into Democrats’ coffers, and it has kept Republican aides and lawmakers busy as they keep swatting down the idea whenever it sprouts up.

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North Korea Chastised for Threat to Nuke White House

WASHINGTON (WNB) – The Tea Party has condemned North Korea for threatening a nuclear strike on the White House over recent tensions between the two countries.

A Tea Party spokesman on Monday released the following statement delivered to North Korean head Kim Jong-un:

Dear Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un,

With all due respect, your nation’s threat to strike the White House with a nuclear weapon is simply unacceptable in today’s civilized world, especially in light of the fact President Obama will not be at that location for much of the coming month of August.

The President, who was fond of referring to your father Kim Jong-il as “that fat little zipperhead,” will be vacationing August 9th through the 24th on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts at a house located at 72 Gosnold’s Way in Chilmark (see photo below). The GPS coordinates are latitude 41.371815, longitude 70.74561699999998.

Please be aware that with the exception of small islands off the northeast mainland, any military strike against the United States would likely be considered a hostile act. We urge you to very carefully consider any such action.


Tea Party Patriots
Read more at World News Bureau. (parody)

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