Open Thread, Wednesday 23 April 2014

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Solaratov’s Care Package

For those who don’t know, our resident Vietnam Vet and weapons go-to guy, Vladimir Solaratov, has been laid up in the hospital battling cancer. We don’t know the entire diagnosis, but it’s serious. It looks like his cancer has settled into the bones of his spine from another source, probably some other organ(s), and he is now recovering from surgery while he awaits treatment.
Since he’s in fairly decent shape so far, and hasn’t started any treatments, we (and the ICU nurses) thought he might be able to enjoy some good magazines and snacks. So this is what we’ve gathered to send. Click the photo to see a more detailed close-up.

Here also, is our Get Well Soon card, from all the blogging crew pictured on the card. I have not tried to label any of the characters.  This will go out Wednesday, headed from Colorado to Missouri.   Sol thanks you all for your prayers!

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Open Thread, Tuesday 22 April 2014


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Open Thread, Monday 21 April 2014

Back to Work. Kicking and Screaming.

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My Redeemer Lives!

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Open Thread, Easter Sunday 20 April 2014

“Alleluia! He has been raised.” -Mark 16:6    Happy Easter!

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Western States Meeting to Discuss Reclaiming Fed-Grabbed Land

rangewarFox News reports that officials from nine western states met on Friday to discuss taking action on a problem that has long dogged states west of the Mississippi and that has remained front-and-center in the states’ rights debate for ALL states.  That debate, which has simmered for decades between a greedy federal government eager to control as much land as possible (now including over 80% of the entire state of Nevada) and states anxious to express their sovereign rights granted by the U.S. Constitution and other founding documents.

bundy5The extraordinary meeting of state officials, which took place in Salt Lake City yesterday, seemed almost revolutionary in scope.  Although none of the states have moved as far or as fast as Utah, which has passed a measure demanding that the federal government release all claims to lands in Utah, everyone agrees that the momentum of the discussion is accelerating.  That momentum is not directly a result of the “Bundy stand-off” in Nevada last week, and it began long before that event, but there’s no question the movement has gained from the success of that peaceful stand-off, which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid nevertheless called an act of “domestic terrorists.”

As Utah state Rep. Ken Ivory told reporters on Friday, “It’s simply time” for action on these initiatives.  “The urgency is now.”  That determination among previously reticent lawmakers is vindication for those who supported the Nevada ranchers last week and a rebuke for those who insisted that it was a mistake and that it “wasn’t the right time.

Read more at Fox News.


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