Open Thread, Thursday 20 November 2014

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Open Thread, Wednesday 19 November 2014

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Open Thread, Tuesday 18 November 2014

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Open Thread, Monday 17 November 2014

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Open Thread, Sunday 16 November 2014 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHALINI!

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Be loyal of hands and mouth, and serve every man as best you may. Seek the fellowship of good men; hearken to their words and remember them. Be humble and courteous wherever thou go, boasting not nor talking overmuch, neither be dumb altogether. Look to it that no lady or damsel be in reproach through your default, nor any woman of whatsoever quality. And if you fall into company where men speak with disrepect of any woman, show by gracious words that it pleaseth you not, and depart.

The office of knight is to promote faith in Jesus Christ as Lord of Lords, King of Kings and the only Savior and to protect those who seek to worship in His name any where upon the face of this earth that He has made.

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Open Thread, Thursday 13 Novemeber 2014

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